“Pelé” Original Netflix Documentary Review

Story posted March 1, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Emily McGlynn

Football is for those who have guts. Edson Arantes do Nascimento, otherwise known as Pelé, is the world’s best soccer player of all time. Pelé, no doubt about it, has guts.

Netflix released an original documentary about Pelé’s career. David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas are the directors behind the film.

They got Pelé himself to tell his story and many other friends, family members, and fellow players to chime in. We get all aspects from each person through each major event.

“The King” was a soccer prodigy. He had perfect timing with shots and kicks, and he ran as fast as a shooting star.

Not only was Pelé influential in the sports world, but he also inspired Brazil and many others around the world. He was a positive, humble man who loved his country.

“Pelé” follows how he got into ‘football,’ his experiences in games and the three FIFA World Cups, and how fame and idolization affected his life. Subscribers can experience the greatness of being Pelé, as well as the down sides of being so powerful.

This movie emphasizes Brazil’s love for Pelé. He was their light in the darkness.

Anything Pelé did, his country had his back. ‘Football’ affected many people, a lot more than you might think.
Especially back then in the middle of the Red Scare. Communism and fascism were taking over, and Brazil was one of its victims.

Dictator Emelio Garrastazu Medici was the cruelest among the other Brazilian dictators. His influence on the soccer team is quite interesting to learn about.

One critique of the movie is that it only focused on Pelé’s talent. Yes, he is an astounding soccer player and that will be his legacy.

However, some might pick up on that he was a great person. Going into further research, Pelé went through a lot in his life, and the way he carries himself is very admirable.

Viewers might be able to relate to him more if they saw more of who he is in his trophy-filled life.
The documentary was in chronological order, which some might appreciate. Sometimes documentaries are flashbacks and it’s hard to keep up with.

This was a satisfying movie to watch and as you keep watching, the more intrigued you become. The film’s aesthetic is relatively close to Michael Jordan’s documentary on Netflix, “The Last Dance.”

“Pelé” the documentary is very well done. His career was out of this world wild.
It would be shocking to see someone achieve the same milestones he has accomplished.

Viewers do not see much of his personal life, but as he said in the film, he wanted to be remembered for his skills and the way he made people feel.

Rating: 4/5 Stars
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