Penn State Students Stress Over Busy Weekends

Story posted February 7, 2023 in CommRadio, News by Alison Patton

STATE COLLEGE, Pa.—Even though Penn State students are about a month and a half into the spring semester, the workload is picking up.

February is an especially conflicting month with the Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 12 and THON beginning the following weekend on Feb. 17 and ending on Feb. 19.

International student Kenzy Kim is feeling the pressure of school. She is the president of one club and is an active participant in another. On top of that, Kim’s schoolwork is picking up the pace, but she’s not too excited about football anyway.

“Like I get that there’s a lot of big celebrities coming out and okay that’s cool, but if I wanted I could take the highlight reels [of halftime] and like later after they release it on YouTube or somewhere,” Kim said.

As for THON, Kim doesn’t know how to get involved.

“THON I actually really wanted to try out. First of all, I don’t really have friends I can go with. I know they don’t care if I go by myself and participate, but it’s better to have a friend,” Kim said.

Gavin Swartz is a third-year student majoring in marketing and is going to try and get schoolwork done before the big football game. Although, he did say he was a procrastinator.

This weekend is busy for Swartz, but he doesn’t have anything planned for THON weekend.

“Most of my plans are based on my friends and stuff like that. A lot of my friends are on the fence about [THON], but I have a lot of friends who are hosting Super Bowl parties,” Swartz said.

The beginning of the semester has picked up quite a bit, but summer is going to come quickly.

Alison Patton is a second-year student majoring in broadcast journalism. You can email her at