“Perfect Match” - Episodes 1-4 Reviews

Story posted February 20, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci

“Perfect Match” is Netflix’s newest reality dating show which combines cast members from “The Circle,” “Too Hot to Handle,” “Love is Blind,” “The Mole,” and “Sexy Beasts,” and so far, it’s been absolutely wild.

Episode 1: “Love is the End Game”

The pilot introduces the cast members and their backgrounds, as well as the overall goal of the show.

The show, hosted by Nick Lechey, pairs five women and five men from various Netflix reality dating shows and throws them together for the granddaddy of all Netflix dating shows.

The couples “match” on the first night and then do a challenge on the second day, and the couple who wins the challenge gets to control who comes into the house in order to shake up the matches. At the end of the night, the people who don’t have matches are sent home.

There are familiar faces on the first show, including Francesca Farago, who pairs up with Dom Gabriel, but the real twist in the house was Nick Uhlenhuth and Savannah Palacio pairing up for strategy, winning the challenge, and using their power to bring in new people.

By the end of the episode, Nick and Savannah decide to bring in someone for Kariselle Snow, who had a rocky challenge with Joey Sasso, and Anne-Sophie Petit.

It felt better to go into the show with a clean slate and knowing absolutely no one from the other shows, but this pilot was absolutely wild. From the eccentric cast to the overall concept, this show is here to stay.

Episode 2: “It’s All About the Chase”

Kariselle brings Chase into the house, but things get shaken up when she decides to go back to Joey. Luckily for Chase, his charm gets him paired with Anne-Sophie, who really needed a new man, anyways.

Lachey announces that the next challenge is a more intimate way to know the couples better and put their senses to the test. Each couple has to wear a blindfold and headphones, kiss everybody else in the house and then rate them on a scale of 1-10.

Anne-Sophie and Chase walk away as winners, though Ines earned the highest scores.

This episode was wild with a wild challenge that leaves viewers with their mouths open in shock. Chase villain era!

Episode 3: “Strike a Match”

The third episode opens with Ines in doubt over choosing Shayne, her current match, or Nick, and Francesca confides in Kariselle about her relationship with Dom.

After winning last week’s challenge, Anne-Sophie and Chase control the board and bring in Izzy for Nick, but Chase goes behind her back and brings in Georgia for himself.

Nick and Chase both have great dates and bring the girls back to the house, but they aren’t the only ones with ulterior motives in mind.

Savannah brings Dom to the side and tells him that he’s too invested in Francesca when the entire point of the show is to explore options. Francesca, who gets wind of this, accuses Savannah of “making a pass at Dom” and tells her she needs a “mop to pick [her [expletive]] dignity off the floor.”

After their fight, Savannah sits down with Francesca, Kariselle and Anne-Sophie and gets into it AGAIN with Francesca (just learn your lesson, girl!).

While this was the best episode of the season mainly because of the Francesca-Savannah drama, fans got a glimpse into Kariselle's eccentric reactions. She’s truly the best part of the show so far.

Episode 4: “Unfinished Business”

After crazy tension in the last episode, this episode opens by Francesca telling Dom he’s not allowed to talk to Savannah and him agreeing (how did she train this man?).

As the day winds down, the couples pair up again: Joey & Kariselle and Dom & Francesca.

Izzy, Shayne, Nick and Ines do a swap where Izzy and Shayne match up in order for Nick and Ines to explore the swap in their relationship while staying in the house, which leaves Chase to choose Georgia over Anne-Sophie and Savannah.

However, the next morning, Nick tells Ines that they’re better off as friends, and he wants to go back to Izzy (can you BELIEVE the audacity of this man?!).

The next day has couples doing eccentric challenges, like eating hot peppers and naming countries on a map, but Dom and Francesca win a date night for themselves and control of the board.

This is where Francesca becomes the drama. The pair brings in Bartisse for Ines, but when it comes down to it, Francesca chooses Damian, who she had a fling with on “Love is Blind.”

A tear-ridden Dom returns to the cast and announces that Francesca sent herself on a date with a man she was previously involved with. She had the nerve to call Savannah a snake?

The four-episode premiere left fans waiting for four more episodes of drama, challenges and most importantly, love.

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