“Perfect Match” Episodes 7 and 8 Review

Story posted March 13, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci

Episode 7 “Circling Back”

After the last episode ends with Damian coming back by himself, Francesca walks out and they tell Chloe and Ines that they’re going on dates.

Chloe is sent on a painting date with her ex, Mitchell, and cries when she sees him. She thought she was falling in love with Shayne, but seeing Mitchell re-ignited the flame they shared.

Meanwhile, Ines and Will relatively hit it off at their first meeting. So far, it seems to viewers that he’s the best guy she’s been with.

Back at the house, Chloe expresses her concerns about choosing between Mitchell and Shayne.

She plans to have a conversation with Shayne but Mitchell beats him to it, telling him that the two kissed on their date. Chloe and Shayne fight it out, and Shayne walks out on her.

They’re not the only couple to get into it. Ines sits down with Bartise to tell him that she’s going to match with Will, but Bartise makes it about himself and claims that he “picked Ines up” while she was about to go home.

Ines, rightfully so, puts him in his place and walks away.

The next day, the couples do a “cute or cringey” challenge where couples hear scenarios and decide where they stand. If they disagree, they have three chances until they have to slide into a pool of foam.

Mitch and Chloe are the first to go, and when it comes down to Francesca/Damian and Ines/Will, the latter comes away with the win to everyone’s relief.

Ines and Will go on their date, where they discover that they are actually very different people. Ines questions her original decision about will but sticks it out to get to the boardroom.

Will matches Dom with Diamond from “Love is Blind”, while Ines pulls the ultimate wild card: setting Francesca up with Abbey from “Twentysomethings: Austin”.

This episode was WILD.

From Chloe and Ines putting their feet down with the men to Francesca going on a date for the first potential same-sex couple in the house, this series has lived up to its crazy expectations.

Episode 8 “Mixes and Matches”

Francesca was shocked to be on a date with Abbey, becoming the first same-sex pairing in the show. The two hit it off and come back to the house together.

Meanwhile, Dom goes out with Diamond, and while he appreciated her, knew he was still choosing Georgia at the end of the day.

Back at the house, the mixer begins, and so does the drama when Kariselle encourages Ines to act on her feelings for Dom. The two have a hard conversation, and Dom tells her that they can’t be anything because of his attachment to Georgia.

A tearful Georgia confronts Ines, and Ines swears that she only had the best intentions in getting her feelings off of her chest.

It’s the end of the night when things get shaken up. The usual couples match, while Abbey and Francesca pair up, as well as Diamond and Will. Ines, who has nobody, gets taken by Damien, who MAKES OUT with her in front of everyone.

The next day’s challenge was more of a trust bond if anything, with one person blindfolded through a haystack to find little cubes while the other person guided them. The first couple to successfully stack the cubes win.

It’s Chloe and Mitchell who get the win and the date, but Mitchell reveals to Chloe’s face that he doesn’t want a relationship. Why are you on the show, then?

Mitchell’s revelation is crazy, considering the fact that Chloe wanted to see if the spar was still there, and will definitely shake the house up.

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