“Perfect Match” Episodes 9 and 10

Story posted March 14, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Adrianna Gallucci

Episode 9 “Love It or Leave It”

Damian felt like being the drama right off the bat by telling Dom that he’s going to try to pursue Georgia, and Dom views it like a competition. Game on, episode nine.

After Mitchell’s shocking revelation that he doesn’t want a relationship on a dating show, he and Chloe head to the boardroom to shake things up. They decide to send Diamond on a date with Bartise since she didn’t click with anyone in the house, and Chloe takes the opportunity to go out with Shayne once she sees him on the board.

Chloe and Shayne have a wholesome reunion on the beach, while Diamond and Bartise click instantly on a pottery date.

Back at the house, Francesca and Abbey decide to break it off because Abbey got mad at Francesca for kissing Kariselle, which Francesca didn’t think was that big of a deal. Viewers just know, though, that if the roles were reversed and Damian or Dom kissed someone else, Francesca would throw a pity party and a fit.

This was the episode of departures. Ines was the first to go, as she knew she wasn’t matching with anyone. Then, Diamond, who also had a rough go of it, and Mitchell, who wasn’t really in it if not with Chloe.

Will tries to get in with Francesca, who turns him down for Damian. Now, the couples are set. Obviously, Kariselle/Joey, Francesca/Damian, Dom/Georgia, Chloe/Shayne, and to everyone’s shock, Abbey/Bartise.

This episode didn’t have as big of a shock as others, but viewers were disappointed to see the fan-favorite Ines gracefully bow out. She will definitely be missed, but she knew she wasn’t finding love in the villa.

Episode 10 “Making Waves”

The couples have their last compatibility challenge, and it’s definitely the hardest. Each couple heads to the boardroom to take a test of the other’s preferences, and the couple that gets the most right wins.

Obviously, Joey and Kariselle have played the long game and walk away victorious.

While the couple is on their date, the rest of the house talks about the questions that they got wrong, which led to a big discussion about Francesca being the only one who wants an open relationship. Damian, who said no to the question, emphasizes the fact that he’d make himself comfortable with it if it helped him keep her.

The next day, Joey and Kariselle head to the boardroom to pick the final singles coming in. They decide to send Bartise on a date with LC from “Love is Blind” and Abbey with Nick, who makes his return!

Both dates go well, but the pairs don’t really feel their matches.

Back at the house, Nick talks his way into LC’s heart, where she reveals that he fangirled over her when she followed him on Instagram. Cute! The couple matches up, along with the usual three.

However, there’s trouble in paradise when Shayne confronts Chloe about why she chose Mitchell over him.

Because Shayne definitely has deeply-rooted commitment and other issues, he refuses to shut up about the fact that Mitchell got water all over him when he jumped in the pool.

Poor baby. There are people dying, Shayne.

Shayne gets to the point where he plans to leave the house because he’s so obsessed with getting water splashed all over him. For a show that pins Francesca as the main villain, Shayne is doing a good job moving himself into second place.

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