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Story posted September 21, 2016 in CommRadio by Allison Wulfhorst

With music being released constantly, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new artists, albums and songs that are making their way into the world. This is your one stop for the newest rock records and songs that have made their way onto music fans’ radars.

Wild World – Bastille (released Sept. 9)

This will be their anticipated second album following 2013’s Bad Blood, which had some good songs, but I never considered myself a fan of Bastille. This album has stand-out tracks like the lead singles, “Good Grief” and “Warmth,” but it seems that some others do not live up to them. Songs like “Act of Kindness” have electronic elements that mix with their alternative sound and they blend well together, however; the songs like that one just do not have the same type of hook. For alternative fans, at least give the album a chance because it could be one of your favorites.

For fans of: Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons, Foster the People

“Someone’s Disaster” – Beach Weather (released Sept. 14)

This is their latest single for their second EP, Chit Chat, to be released Oct. 14. Their sound on this track is an indie electronic one, which is really fun to listen to. It sounds like a happy, fun, summer song that hopefully the rest of their EP follows. If so, it will be rewarding to listen to.

For fans of: The Technicolors, John the Ghost (John O’Callaghan from the Maine’s side project), Catfish and the Bottlemen

“Underground Queen” – Comrades (released Sept. 14)

This is their latest single from their newest album, Lone/Grey, to be released Oct. 7. This band combines a relaxed, light sound alongside mixes of screaming, which is something unexpected. They have a very interesting sound and are a unique band for fans of slight screaming with light rock verses.

For fans of: Turnover, Tiny Moving Parts, Pianos Become the Teeth

“People That You Meet” – Slaves (released Sept. 14)

This is their latest single from their newest EP, Take Control, to be released Sept. 30. This is a very punchy rock song, from the vocals to all the instruments, especially the guitar and drums. They are definitely one of the more different rock artists around. Punchy is the only word to describe their sound.

For fans of: The Strypes, VANT, Pretty Vicious

“Upside Down” – Set It Off (released Sept. 18)

This is their latest single for their newest album, Upside Down, to be released Oct. 7. This song follows the theme that their previous single, “Life Afraid” has created. They are leaning towards the pop side of the pop-rock genre and although some fans aren’t happy about this, it’s not terrible. However, I do miss their rock side from their earlier records, Horrible Kids and Cinematics.

For fans of: Tonight Alive, All Time Low, Against the Current

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