Rank It: Outer Banks Characters

Story posted March 11, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Thomas English

Outer Banks Season 3 finally released on Netflix in late February, and fans are given an exciting thrill and adventure to find the treasure.

The audience is introduced to some new characters and returning characters are given new life, so here is a ranking of the Top 10 characters in Season 3.

Honorable Mention: Mr. Singh

Mr. Singh is the worst character in Outer Banks and it’s not even close. He has no reason to want the gold and just causes havoc. He also can’t keep anyone from escaping, which defeats the purpose of his mission.

10. Ward

Give him credit for saving Sarah’s life at the end as he showed some true love and compassion in that move. He constantly has to be in the way of both of his children, Rafe and Sarah. Ward is selfish and can’t sit back and watch as he ruins everything for John B and his dad.

9. Big John

Imagine finally getting to reunite with your son and all you can think about is continuing the treasure hunt. He doesn’t trust anyone which is annoying for the audience. Big John finally comes around at the end and he deserves to finally get his reward in the end.

8. Topper

This guy has to be one of the worst guys on Figure Eight. Fans should give him credit for always looking to help Sarah, but he continues to be one of the most gullible characters on the show.

7. Pope

He is a very likable character, but is frustrating when he makes decisions without thinking. His desire to keep his family heirloom drives him and leads him to tough situations. He tends to save the Pogues when it comes to playing it smart.

6. Kie

In Season 3, she is the Pogue who gets them into the most trouble. Right from the beginning, the Pogues are forced to save her and then save her again later in the season. She is still a good character as her and JJ make one of the best couples on the show.

5. Rafe

Rafe is attractive to fans because well, they think Drew Starkey is attractive. His character is difficult to judge because he is just trying to prove himself to his family. Fans should appreciate the fact that he gets his closure from Ward and he should grow more in the future.

4. John B

The main character of the show. He can be frustrating and is always stuck in the middle of two sides, but he always makes the right decision and fans are happy that he was able to get the closure and reward he needed.

3. Cleo

The most reasonable character in the show. She is level-headed and rarely does anything stupid to put them in tough situations. Her and Pope make a very good couple while her character is a smart and great addition to the Pogues.

2. JJ

He is one of those characters that is hard not to love because of his story, but he constantly gets himself into sticky situations. Kie and JJ are definitely in the running to be the best couple on the show and he shows a true love for his friends. His unselfishness is admirable and he has some of the best lines in every episode.

1. Sarah Cameron

Maybe one of the more controversial characters, but her actions this season saved John B and his treasure hunt. She helped find the gold in the cave and gave them tons of resources to continue their journey.

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