Rank It: Rihanna’s Super Bowl Performance

Story posted February 25, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Natalie Simone

1. “All of the Lights”
This song was made to be performed at a football stadium. And, yes, of course, all the lights were shining for this legendary moment.

2. “Diamond”
Rihanna shined like a diamond on that floating platform while performing her best sounding song during the halftime show.

3. “Umbrella”
Many people’s favorites, which needed to be shared. This is the girl’s national anthem.

4. “Run this Town”
Still confused pondering where Jay Z was…. but it did not disappoint. “Run This Town” needed to be performed at a football stadium.

5. “Rude Boy”
Please, let’s have a moment and applaud for the spectacular back-up dancers.

6. “B**** Better Have My Money”
This opener set the scene and showed off the use of floating platforms and dancing.

7. “Only Girl (In The World)”
The audience must have almost fallen out of their seats at this transition, but nevertheless, elevated Rihanna’s dance party in the stadium and people’s living room.

8. “Work”
Truly showed how everyone hails Rihanna, this promiscuous performance offered BadGirlRiRi to remind the crowd of her A- List vibe.

9. “Wild Thoughts”
This honorable mention had, arguably, the best moments for Rihanna’s back-up dancers, along with the best transition.

10. “Pour It Up”
Rihanna embodied each beat, but the audience still must be confused on what inspired that type of dancing.

11. “Where Have You Been”
Rihanna found some cool strobe lights and turned a football stadium into a rave for an amazing performance, during this song.

12. “We Found Love”
Although some strange dance moves, she hosted a dance party everyone wished they were invited to.

Natalie Simone is a first-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email nvs5790@psu.edu.