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The Rom-Com is one of the most recognizable movie genres in the past few decades, often meeting action movies blow-for-blow in terms of release schedule. Be it corny, cheesy, comedic, or even the holiday hallmark tale, Rom-Coms provide a nice film to relax to. In this listicle, members of the Arts and Entertainment Department showcase just some of the best Rom-Coms out there.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” (2011)

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa is a 2011 romantic comedy, that follows a group of characters as they all experience love. Although all their romantic feelings may be drastically different, they all have one thing in common and that is the heart.

This movie is incredibly heartfelt. It may tackle deep subjects, but the movie handles every character in a very respectful way. The writing in this movie is fantastic with a multitude of complex and relatable characters. The stories give every character the chance to shine as well as grow in the eyes of the viewer.

This movie is also absolutely hilarious. Star Steve Carrell is fantastic as well as Ryan Gosling who has proven through the years that he has excellent comedic timing. The humor may be dark at times, but it also lightens up the difficult topics this film tackles.

This is an excellent rom com. Both the romance and comedy shine through with this phenomenal cast and very strong script. The movie also contains a superb soundtrack, each song fits the movie effortlessly. This is a must-watch for any fan of the genre. – Jack Freiser

“The Other Woman” (2014)

“The Other Woman” directed by Nick Cassavetes is a hysterical romantic comedy. Although this movie was not critically well received, it is an absolute riot that leaves viewers entertained from start to finish.

Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann shine as two women who discover they are in a relationship with the same man. Both actresses are incredibly funny, with great comedic timing and wonderful mannerisms. The two actresses also deliver during the more dramatic scenes. The two co-stars are incredibly likable which makes the movie all the more enjoyable.

Nicki Minaj is also in this movie. She plays Cameron Diaz’s sassy, yet endearing assistant Lydia. Nicki has a ton of stellar lines which adds an extra layer of humor to the movie.

Although “The Other Woman” may not be super romantic, it excels in humor and includes a plethora of charismatic characters. This movie is not meant to be taken too seriously which is why it works so well. Definitely check this movie out if you are looking for an engaging and hysterical comedy. – Jack Freiser

“Think Like a Man” (2012)

What makes this rom-com so special is the unique and well-developed characters and the various storylines that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

A basketball team of men each has their issues regarding their dating lives, and the film also focuses on the women that enter their lives. The women each own a copy of Steve Harvey’s famous new book that gives women advice on how to get what they want from men, and they use it to their advantage.

The four main storylines of this film that focus on the couples are "The Mama's Boy" vs. "The Single Mom," "The Non-Committer" vs. "The Girl Who Wants the Ring," "The Dreamer" vs. "The Woman Who Is Her Own Man", and "The Player" vs. "The 90 Day Rule Girl.”

The book starts to work until the plot thickens- the men catch on and use the book to get what they want as well.

Although this movie follows the mold of a typical romantic comedy, it has humorous characters and an indulging plot where the storylines all come together which makes it a satisfying watch. – Rachel Fisher

“The Proposal” (2009)

The 2009 rom-com, “The Proposal” features unmatched comedy and plot.

The movie is directed by Anne Fletcher and stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

The crisis of the movie is that Bullock’s workaholic character Margaret Tate is getting deported to her home country of Canada. To avoid this, she convinces her assistant Andrew Paxton, played by Reynolds, to marry her.

Of course, her assistant opposes, but she convinces him to go along with her scheme, and they end up spending the following weekend at his family’s home in Alaska.

The “couple” spends this time trying to learn enough about each other to convince their immigration agent that they are in love, but they end up convincing more people than the agent.

The late actress, Betty White stars in the film as Andrew’s comedic grandmother. Her delivery of every line is on point, and she never misses a beat.

This movie will leave you with a pain in your side from laughing so hard, and a warm heart from the story. – Savannah Swartz

Palm Springs (2020)

The Max Barbakow directed film starring Andy Samberg & Cristin Milioti is one of the funniest and most left-field rom-coms that are enjoyable for almost all audiences. It takes the best qualities from “Groundhog Day,” and “50 First Dates,” and combines them into a unique experience full of laughter and love.

While at a Wedding, Samberg’s character, “Nyles” discovers a cave in which he relives the same day, every day. On accident, Milioti's character, Sarah, stumbles in with him and they are stuck together until they can figure out how to break the cycle together.

At first, they goof around realizing that there are no consequences for their actions, but then soon crackdown and take their new reality more seriously.

Viewers get to watch their relationship develop tremendously as they reevaluate their prior decisions and work to better themselves in the future, whenever that may come.

The movie works so well by pulling together complex and existential themes with ludicrous comedy. Although the movie could not be further from grounded in reality, it has plenty to say.

In the end, viewers will crack up several times, and their mind finds themselves shedding a few tears too. From the writing, directing, score, and especially the performances from the leads, and especially J.K. Simmons as well, “Palm Springs” defies the standards of the genre. It is a must-watch, and easily one of the best rom-com of recent years. – Caelan Chevrier

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