Single Roundup: Week of Feb. 12

Story posted February 21, 2018 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Arts Staff

With new music emerging every week, the CommRadio Arts department will be taking a look at a handful of singles released each week. Here are our thoughts on five of the biggest tracks from this past week.

Frank Ocean - “Moon River”

Frank Ocean, in the matter of two years, has gone from the most elusive pop artist of our generation to content overload. This a welcomed change though as it has meant more and more great music from the reclusive star. His latest, a cover of Audrey Hepburn’s song from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Moon River,” is Frank at his finest. Frank’s version is significantly different from the original, with the track opening with his signature pitched up vocals and him harmonizing with himself throughout. Released on Valentine’s Day, Frank Ocean has brought a timeless song into the 21st century for a new generation to experience. It’s a tale of love that is timeless and, paired with Frank Ocean’s beautiful vocals and harmonies, will be yet another in a long catalogue of loving pop tracks for Frank Ocean. - David Arroyo

Sophie - “Faceshopping

Having made a name for herself producing for the likes of Charli XCX and Vince Staples, LA producer and singer/songwriter Sophie isn’t looking to appeal to a wider audience leading up to her debut studio album, Whole New World. The third single from the upcoming album “Faceshopping” is no exception, fusing styles of industrial and noise in an unapologetically surreal package. Despite the harsh and at times horrific production, Sophie’s vocal delivery is seductive and undeniably pop, making for a combination that’s both jarring and captivating. “Faceshopping” proves that Whole New World has the surefire potential to live up to its name, possibly becoming one of the best experimental album releases of the year. - Chandler Copenheaver 

Beach House - “Lemon Glow”

Continuing to stretch the labels of rock and pop, Beach House return with their first single from their upcoming yet-to-be named seventh studio album. With a thicker layering of synth sounds than ever before, “Lemon Glow” shies away from the washed out Beach House sound fans are familiar with. The sonic soundscape borders on neo-psychedelia, but maintains a pop structure to remain accessible. Lyrically the duo hold fast to pairing lyrics to their songs’ atmosphere rather than focusing on the actual substance of their lyrics, but fans of the group won’t be sad to see this trend continue. With an exciting new approach to synths and further incorporation of psychedelic sounds, Beach House’s seventh studio album is shaping up to be another hit within their discography. - Chandler Copenheaver

Nipsey Hussle - “Dedication”

“Dedication” is the last single released before Nipsey Hussle’s debut album, Victory Lap and features fellow west coast artist Kendrick Lamar. The two California natives showcase how gifted they are lyrically while telling the world what it took to get where they are. Both artists reflect on how their upbringings in neighborhoods where there is little opportunity have made them the men they are today. Nipsey speaks about the lack of opportunity for people in his community to better themselves in his first verse. During Kendrick’s verse, he talks about his childhood and the dysfunction within his family and salutes Nipsey for everything that he does within his community. Nipsey’s closing verse explains that he is rapping to motivate people by telling his story and hopefully people use it to rise up from their situation. If one song could capture Nipsey Hussle’s story, this is it. His debut studio album Victory Lap just released and this song provides a snapshot into the story he tells on the project. - Jerome Taylor

YG - “Suu Whoop”

YG has made a career of rapping about blood gang affiliation, but none of his previous tracks are more a salute to his gang than “Suu Whoop.” The title of the track is a gang call for bloods and during this salute to his fellow gang members, YG describes everything he does to show that he is tied to the Bloods. Also during the track he calls out people who are posing to be bloods, even though he does not think they are authentic. He gets specific when he raps, “I aint with the pink-haired blood s*** (suh whoop),” which seems to take aim at current artists with colorful hair claiming to be bloods. The track is produced by his longtime producer DJ Mustard, who creates a darker vibe compared to most of their previous collaborations. The new sound seems to fit YG who effortlessly flows over the track. YG definitely takes pride in the gang aspect of his life, evident by his previous work, but his pride for his gang ties are at an all-time high on “Suh Whoop.” - Jerome Taylor


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