Singles Round Up: April 20

Story posted April 20, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

The Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.

"GINÉ" - 6ix9ine

Boo! This guy stinks! The “King of New York” is back with yet another comeback track, this time somehow being even blander than the previous one. Society finally needs to let this man go, he is no longer entertaining in any aspect whatsoever.

A month ago, headlines noted that 6ix9ine was going “broke,” and that he couldn’t even afford gas. Now, the title of his newest track is a brand sponsorship. Giné Energy is essentially a trendy Red Bull. In the music video, there is a plug on both the front and back end. At least he is guaranteed some sort of money for this disaster of a song.

It feels like this song has been made countless times over and over again. There is nothing new being presented here. 6ix9ine just raps about his gang life, takes shots at other rappers, and uses repetitive flows and rhyme schemes. Even the instrumental produced by Caesar da Emperor & Lenzo is beyond uninspired.

6ix9ine’s purpose is to get a rise out of people, but whatever charm he once had is completely gone. It has come to a point that if he continues to make sonically terrible music, no one will care. There is not much else to say, this track is a waste of time and is beyond forgettable. - Caelan Chevrier

“dose” - Teddy Swims

After releasing an EP earlier this year, singer Teddy Swims welcomes listeners back in with his smooth new single “dose.”

Opening with airy vocalizations accompanied by snaps and a tambourine beat to warm up, Swims introduces love-struck lyrics as he sings of a new obsession.

Utilizing the title, the chorus line features the phrase “I get to take a dose of you a day,” highlighting the infatuation Swims is describing.

His hearty vocals are able to show his range with more vocalizations scattered throughout, along with a falsetto to start the second verse.

Though lyrically it’s a cheesy love song, Swims’ unique voice, complemented by a strumming bass, brings the track to another level.

With a 70s vibe, “dose” is a playful single that lets Swims showcase his strong voice, while also appealing to the masses that crave simple, yet catchy songs for the upcoming summer months. - Megan Kelby

“Last One Left” - Fredo Bang & Roddy Ricch

“Last One Left” is a single off of Fredo Bang’s album “Two-Face Bang 2.”

The song offers two standout verses from Bang and Roddy Ricch and each contributes a great melody to twine the song together.

Bang begins by singing about his life struggles and jail time while directing it at a woman who doesn’t believe he is enough.

The verse transitions into a sung chorus from Bang where he sings about being real. He talks about keeping his promises and treating people well. This sentiment transitions by Bang’s second verse. There he disses the other men his woman sees as good guys. He closes by reiterating that he’ll “die a real one.”

Roddy Ricch contributes vocals as a backing to the chorus. His voice meshes well with Bang throughout these moments.

Ricch has his own verse as well, where he rapped on-par with Bang singing about the failure of his previous single and how he won’t let it sway his course. Ricch will keep being himself— “a real one.” - Evan Smith

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