Singles Round Up: Jan. 25

Story posted January 26, 2023 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

Singles Round Up- The Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.

“Gonna Be You (feat. Gloria Estefan and Debbie Harry)” - Dolly Parton, Belinda Carlisle, Cyndi Lauper

Many people agree that the majority of Dolly Parton’s discography is fabulous. However, this single has ruined that image.

“Gonna Be You” has been released to tease the new upcoming movie “80 for Brady.” The movie is about four lifelong best friends fulfilling their dream of seeing Tampa Bay Buccaneers and seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Tom Brady play.

This forced song sounds like this should be an inspirational journey song. It’s a bunch of old singers that are over-autotuned and hoping for a hit.

It starts off as an intense new wave song and then it quickly morphs into a 2010-sounding pop song. Some people might like this, but many more people will not.

The lyrics are super cheesy but they might resonate with some listeners. The placement of the song in the movie is uncertain at this moment. However, there’s probably a superficial place for it in this potential disaster of a movie.

The turnout for this movie is going to be interesting, to say the least. - Emily McGlynn

“OUT OF MY MIND” - little image

Alternative trio little image dropped its catchy alternative-pop single, “OUT OF MY MIND” on Friday.

Set to be featured on the upcoming album “Self Titled,” which will be released in May, this song is high energy with a driving electronic drum beat.

The vocal staccatos coupled with the short beats work insanely well to make the track more interesting than it would be with how disappointing and stale the lyrics are.

A repeated “I’m not myself without you baby” in the chorus does no justice to the rest of the song, but it gives it a Jonas Brothers feel without the fantastic tonal quality of Joe and Nick Jonas.

Besides the downfall of the lyrics, “OUT OF MY MIND” can easily find itself replaying on radio stations for months to come and could possibly bump little image into the spotlight, especially with the release of “Self Titled” so close to the start of summer. - Megan Kelby

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Megan Kelby is a third-year majoring in journalism. To contact her, email

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