Singles Roundup: Sept. 19

Story posted September 24, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

The Arts and Entertainment Department takes a look at some of the recently released singles from the past week.


”Pirate Radio*” - Jean Dawson


In the world of alternative rock, Jean Dawson operates in a space of unique artistic freedom. He always tries different sounds and lyrics to create entirely different compositions and “Pirate Radio*” is a three minute extravaganza.

Introduced by an acoustic guitar, Dawson’s layered vocals create a dark, yet positive tone when backed by big drums and high-pitched strings.

Dawson sings about pushing his head underwater, presumably to commit suicide but he actually sings about rebirth, “Rinse the sins from the clothes.”

Dawson connects drowning to baptism and actually uses large and high peaks of thundering instrumentation to emphasize the excitement of a new beginning.

“Pirate Radio*” is an uplifting, earth-shaking track that completely sets Dawson apart from any other act in alternative rock or in the general music scene, which is why this single is a positive step for one of music’s most intriguing acts.

- Matthew McLaughlin


“Wish” - Blood Orange

Alternative R&B artist Blood Orange, who is currently opening for Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour” New York City shows, released his eighth EP on Friday, featuring the lo-fi sound of single “Wish.”

Starting with a fast-paced drumbeat and white noise in the background, the first 30 seconds of the track are layered with an indistinct conversation seemingly taking place in a city, with car horns scattered throughout.

The vocals enter softly in an almost whisper, similar to indie pop artist Boy Pablo’s style.

A few piano notes and light electric guitar riffs are sprinkled in, complementing the melancholic vibe.

“And you wish it all, wish it all went away” are the only lyrics that are repeated on the track. Though lyrically short, Blood Orange channels the regret and loss of a situation that doesn’t work out as planned.

Closing with the same muffled conversation from the beginning, “Wish” perfectly encapsulates the feeling of an overcast day with both his lyrics and his use of unique sound elements.

- Megan Kelby


“I Don’t Think That I Like Her” - Charlie Puth

Pop singer Charlie Puth released his new single “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” Friday, which will be featured on his album “Charlie,” coming out Oct. 7. This is Puth’s first album release since 2018.

And yes, he made a TikTok covering his process while making the song.

Puth has set himself apart from other pop artists trying to go viral on the video platform, as he shows users how he takes everyday sounds and morphs them into music. For “I Don’t Think That I Like Her,” Puth took audio of a plumber fixing his toilet and made it sound cymbal-like on the track.

“I Don’t Think That I Like Her” is an upbeat eulogy for a relationship Puth was clearly done with, utilizing Travis Barker on the drums to match his frustrated lyrics.

It has a catchy chorus and “scream-in-the-car” potential, but does not particularly stand out from his other work.

The highlight of the song comes just before the 2:30 minute mark, when Puth initiates an ultra-satisfying key change to bring the chorus home and close the song.

Overall, “I Don’t Think That I Like Her” is an easy listen and a nice tease at “Charlie.”

- Kaitlyn Murphy


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