Singles Roundup: Week of Jan. 27

Story posted January 27, 2020 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Staff

Pearl Jam – “Dance of the Clairvoyants”

Pearl Jam has made its entrance in the new decade with “Dance of the Clairvoyants,” the first single off the band’s new album. In classic Pearl Jam fashion, the song is fairly paced with constant fluctuation from calm to loud, and it’s carried especially by Eddie Vedder’s vocals.

The lyrics are reminiscent of the transcendental and weird anomalies of fellow rock band Rush, which is not uncommon for Pearl Jam. Perhaps in both an homage to the band’s older roots and a new evolution in its music, Pearl Jam seems content on bringing an experience that has never been heard before while also tapping into what made its sound so iconic in the first place.

In an instant classic, Pearl Jam eagerly lets the listener’s ears pine for the band’s newest album “Gigaton,” set to be released later this year. “Dance of the Clairvoyants” is a great return to form and a welcome opener to the new decade for Pearl Jam.  —Jack Grossman

Jessie Reyez – “LOVE IN THE DARK”

Jessie Reyez released a new single this week titled “LOVE IN THE DARK,” and her voice just goes to show that her unique talent is unmatched. This song is an early release off of her upcoming album “BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US,” which will be her debut studio album, set to release on March 27.

“LOVE IN THE DARK” is a cross between a slow ballad and a standard pop hit, thanks to the presence of the piano mixed with the modern feel. In the past, Reyez has been known to release hits that include features, such as “Imported,” featuring 6LACK, or “FEELS LIKE HOME,” featuring Bea Miller, but she holds her own on this song.

Reyez revealed that she wrote “LOVE IN THE DARK” during a very hard time in her life and describes it as “extremely vulnerable.” The emotion is clear throughout the song, and it allows Reyez to showcase the amazing talent she possesses. This is only the beginning for her.  —Emily Mugno

Doja Cat – “Boss B****”

In 2019, Doja Cat was one of several women that shot to prominence in the rap world, and in her first release of 2020, the Los Angeles-based rapper shows no signs of slowing down with the release of “Boss B****,” a single that will feature in the upcoming DC movie “Birds of Prey.”

In the track, Doja Cat wears her Nicki Minaj influence on her sleeve, but this is not a bad thing. “Boss B****” is an energetic track, but Doja Cat’s flow, as Minaj-esque as it might be, is paired well with an EDM-inspired beat. This is just a continuation of Doja Cat’s ascent that has been accelerated in the past year.

Even when taking influence from her peers, Doja Cat is able to keep her brand evident. She carries herself well in “Boss B****,” as her slow crescendo in energy by the end of the track works very well, and her lyrics are catchy as they are clever.  —Jim Krueger

Mae Muller – “Therapist”

British singer Mae Muller has, to this point, flown mostly under the radar, even if her 2019 album “Chapter 1” was one of the more unique debuts in pop music that year. Her most recent track “Therapist” shows the potential that Muller has in the music world.

In her lyrics, Muller sings with a rather dry sense of humor, much akin to Lily Allen in her 2006 album “Alright, Still.” In “Therapist,” Muller sings about her overly emotional boyfriend and how he needs a therapist instead of a girlfriend. “Therapist” is a track whose merit is in its brutal honesty.

Like a plethora of young artists such as Rex Orange County, Muller feels no need to incorporate a whole lot of innuendo in her songwriting. This, combined with her minimalist instrumentation, makes for one of the more intriguing singles of 2020 so far.  —Jim Krueger


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