“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” – Season 7, Episode 3: “On the Wings of Keeradaks” Review

Story posted March 8, 2020 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Andrew Field

Another week down, another review to go. This time, it’s the third episode of the season of “The Clone Wars” titled, “On the Wings of Keeradaks.”

The latest installment is the final episode of the Clone trooper story arc where Rex, Anakin, and the “Bad Batch” work together to break Echo out of a compound on the planet Skako Minor. Wat Tambor and members of the Techno Union are conducting unknown experiments as they have taken control of the planet in order to use its resources.

As a result of this being the conclusion to the first arc of the season, this episode is more about action than plot. The dialogue is limited but there is still plenty going on around as Echo’s safety is paramount to both sides, good and bad.

“On the Wings of Keeradaks” is well paced, yet again, as Filoni and his team have found a formula for keeping viewers engaged. There’s always something going on, and even in the down moments, the dialogue that is present is creative and engaging.

The animation team also deserves a shout-out for this episode. They haven’t been recognized yet in these reviews, and after this episode, they surely need to be applauded for their efforts. It takes months upon months to get this stuff right. The attention to detail in all the sequences is outstanding. The action set pieces are some of the best scenes in the show, and a big part of that is the animation team and the immense amount of work they’ve put in.

Rex’s character has been a highlight throughout all of these episodes. He is a fan-favorite for a reason, as his leadership and loyalty to his soldiers is what makes him so likeable. His interactions with the “Bad Batch” and Anakin provide some humorous moments that cut the tension at points throughout the episode as well. A focal point has been the relationship between Rex and the clones as their unity to fight for the same cause is what brings them together.

Another main theme for this week is choosing a side and making a choice. The people of Skako Minor were not involved in “The Clone Wars” prior to the clones and Anakin arriving on the planet. They are forced to make a decision of what side they are going to join.

This reveals the brutal nature of war and how it can affect a large majority of people, even those who are not associated with it. This is an area where the show thrives. It’s something that the movies don’t have time to show due to the time constraints, but with the ability to illustrate this in “The Clone Wars,” it is an opportunity to build on the lore that is “Star Wars.”

This episode ranged on the shorter side, as characters like Obi-Wan and Padmé took a backseat this week to Anakin and the Clones. Ahsoka Tano still has not been featured in the season yet, and many fans are anticipating big things for her character and Darth Maul as the show continues.

With a new arc coming for the episode next week, there will certainly be a new direction that the season will take. Where it will go, is purely up to speculation.


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