“Star Wars: The Clone Wars” - Season 7 Episode 4: “Unfinished Business” Review

Story posted March 16, 2020 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Andrew Field

With the Coronavirus sweeping the world and sports and movies being cancelled, many people are turning to streaming as a means of entertainment. One of the shows that is experiencing an uptick in audience viewership is the “Clone Wars”.

Already three episodes in, the fourth installment hit Disney+ this past Friday and it was titled, “Unfinished Business”.

The episode follows characters like Anakin, Mace Windu, Obi-Wan, Rex, Echo and the “Bad Batch” as they try to take Admiral Trench’s dreadnought to get the Separatist’s strategies. The clones and the jedi are in for a big fight as they try and execute this plan.

Usually the arcs in the “Clone Wars” are two to three episodes long, and to start the season with a four episode arc is interesting since there’s only 12 total episodes. Watching back all of them in succession, it is a little drawn out in terms of pacing as things could have been cut to make it three episodes instead of four.

Also, what the characters are doing, while visually pleasing to watch, has not had a major impact on the plot of the season or the show in general yet. This may change as the season progresses, but right now the events haven’t been too important.

Filoni and his team are most likely waiting to reveal the big moments towards the end of the season. With the nature of streaming and binging today, people want content as soon as possible. That’s why the strategy of only having one episode released per week is bold, but one thing it does do is build anticipation. It’s how TV used to be, and it is a concept that newer viewers may seem to forget or not understand.

That being said, “Unfinished Business” had some great moments that were built perfectly by the episodes before it. The slow turn of Anakin’s imminent turn into Darth Vader is satisfying. He has one particular scene that shows the conflict he is going through and it perfectly illustrates what he is feeling during this point in time.

Mace Windu and Obi-Wan also shine this week. They have good banter and dialogue throughout the fight sequences. It’s a sight to see as it invokes memories of old, when the two were in their prime jedi form in earlier seasons. Since fans know the ending for these characters, it’s always a special moment to see them fighting together.

The conflict of Echo, Rex, and the “Bad Batch” is intriguing to watch since Echo was under Separatist control for a long period of time, and because of that the “Bad Batch” members are not sure he can be trusted.

“Unfinished Business” ties everything up in a proper manner. In the last episode, “On the Wings of Keeradaks” it seemed as if there was business left unattended, but if there’s one thing to be learned from watching this show, it’s that things can always be further explored.

Now the show is certainly going to move on to a new arc. What Filoni and his team decide to show in the last eight episodes will surely be highly anticipated. The siege of Mandalore and the arc of Ahsoka and Maul will follow in the next couple of episodes, how that will play out is why fans are still tuned in.

It’s also looking like there will be no filler episodes, more like three long story arcs throughout the season. Having the arcs run longer than usual is an interesting choice. For one, it’s more time with the characters viewers know and love, but it also slows down the story in terms of where things will go.

What has already been put out to the public has been some of the most quality content the show has presented. With an increased audience due to the situation that the world is in, the “Clone Wars” has all eyes on it. It’s time to see if it lives up to its promises or falters from them.



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