“Stowaway” Review

Story posted April 25, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Cade Miller

Director Joe Penna has been successful with his last survival film that he had to create another film that makes viewer’s anxiety skyrocket. Known for “Artic,” the film about a man trying to survive in the artic while he waits to be rescued, Penna has created his next Sci-Fi drama, “Stowaway.”

Penna cannot get away from his survival movies. “Stowaway” makes the audience sit on the edge of their seat and keeps their interest. Once the story gets on the roll, viewers eyes will stay fixated on the screen and they will worry from beginning to end.

The film starts with the astronauts, Captain Marina Barnett, Dr. David Kim and Dr. Zoe Levenson, on their way for their two-year trip to Mars. Their goal is to conduct experiments to see if life can survive on Mars.

Their take off goes well and once they’re on the space station, everything seems to be normal, for 12 hours.

When Captain Barnett is inspecting the station, she notices some blood on the ground. She looks up and it’s dripping from the ceiling.

She removes a panel, and a man falls out right on top of her, breaking her arm. Once the two doctors treat him and he wakes up, they discover his name is Michael Adams.

He was an engineer who was working on the shuttle when it took off.

Now having to supply him with food and oxygen, the crew is worried, but they can’t go back to Earth now, they’re too far. Once they reconvene, Captain Barnett takes a look at the damage Michael’s unconscious body has caused.

Unfortunately, an import piece of the ship was damaged that creates oxygen.

Now on a race to find a solution, they thought of sacrificing Michael goes through the crewmate’s mind, but Dr. Levenson insists to find a new way so everyone lives.

Without spoiling the whole plot, the story makes viewers rethink that small voice in the head saying going to space would be fun.

Only with a small cast of four, they do carry big names. Anna Kenrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette are the four actors in this film, and their performances are so great, the small cast is all they need.

When the worry is passed throughout the actors, they portray the emotion so well. The acting is tremendous, especially by Toni Collette who experiences a couple breakdowns during the film.

The actors fulfilled the story to the max, but sadly the story was a little confusing. They language they used was very scientific, and never really explaining why something is happening.

Viewers can get lost in what they goal is because the characters are using such difficult language. At first, they may be growing plants, and next they have a plan to go off the space station.

The story never gets boring, but it does get slow at some parts that should go quick, and vice versa. Some sentimental conversations between the character take a long time, they tend to get slow and dull.

Other than that, the story is good.

The cinematography on the other hand is great. Great shots in small spaces are a challenge.

The camera crew does it with ease. With the camera work, the lighting together is phenomenal.

With beautiful use of galactical colors and darkness in space, they really show their strengths on lighting.

Altogether, the film comes together like a masterpiece. This film with will definitely be nominated for many awards and as will the cast.

“Stowaway” will be remembered as one of the greatest Sci-Fi dramas from the COVID era.

Rating: 4/5

Cade Miller is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email