“Survivor 43” - Episode 2 Review

Story posted October 11, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Ethan Berman

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the second episode of Survivor’s 43rd season, currently airing at 8/7c Wednesdays on CBS.

“Survivor” is back with another weekly installment of gripping storytelling that continues to reinvent itself 22 years in.

Despite the lopsided storytelling, honing in on certain characters or tribes while leaving others to be excluded for entire episodes, “Survivor” keeps millions of other loyal viewers tuned in on a weekly basis.

Even in its 43rd season, “Survivor” continues to shock audiences with its creativity and prowess in making incredible television. Introducing new twists in recent seasons such as the Do or Die, Beware Advantage, and ‘Lose Your Vote Island’ “Survivor” has truly given audiences a new reason to tune in each and every week to find out just what’s going to happen next.

“Survivor” hasn’t been this enthralling for years. Watching characters like Cody truly feels like the audience is watching a classic season of the show, where people are equally - if not more interested in the experience of “Survivor” than they are about actually winning the million-dollar grand prize. Seeing characters of this nature then interact with the twists of the new era, such as the Beware Advantage, that’s where the real treat lies.

The real meat of this episode begins following the Vesi tribe’s loss at the Immunity Challenge, scrambling to try to figure out where the votes would land and who would be the second person voted out this season. This scrambling was put on hold when Cody was walking through the jungle and came upon the Beware Advantage.

This season, the Beware Advantage found Cody needing to get specific beads from each of his tribemate's bags in order to then receive an Immunity Idol. However, until he got those beads with consent from the other members of his tribe, he would lose his vote at Tribal Council until he was able to complete said task.

Watching Cody spring into action alongside his alliance members Jesse and Nneka was truly reminiscent of a classic “Survivor” era gone by. The audience can resonate with characters like Dwight and Noelle who were extremely reluctant to give up their beads to be decorations for Cody's palm fronds hat, his guise to get what he needed from his tribemates. It is interesting to think what the audience would do in each of the castaway's positions, which is truly when “Survivor” is at its best.

Ultimately, at the end of the episode, the audience was given one final shock as we see that Noelle, who had previously refused to give up her beads, finally relented thus allowing Cody to have his vote at Tribal Council. This sequence of events took the episode to a 4/5 since the tribal council was mind blowing. “Survivor” editors continue to keep the audience hooked, and it is a crazy, bittersweet moment when we see Justine get voted out at the hands of Cody when had she not given him her beads, she wouldn’t have.

This was a great episode that leaves viewers eager to see what happens next week with Gabler’s temporary Idol at the Baka tribe, what will happen when other tribes get a taste of this season’s spin on the Beware Advantage, and who will be the third person voted out of this season.

Rating: 4/5

Ethan Berman is a third-year majoring in film & television. To contact him, email ethanberman@psu.edu.