“Survivor” - Season 43 Episode 1 Review

Story posted September 26, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Natalie Simone

“Survivor” and Jeff Probst are back with 18 new castaways on the islands of Fiji for the 43rd season.

From the opening scene, it was obvious that this season will be chaotic, challenging, and cutthroat. The three tribes immediately had to exert themselves for the basic necessities on the island: a machete, a pot and flint.

The battle for basics did not stop at one tribe winner. The first challenge was difficult for everyone, but after failing to complete it the fastest, the other two decided between two equally rigorous tests: a physical or a mental challenge.

Probst, known for quickly stirring the pot, did not hold back this year. One tribe member has to leave the tribe for their own quest to power before even forming definitive alliances. This season’s twists are arriving early and not leaving the audience bored.

Unsurprisingly, the immunity challenge was nothing short of what was previously shown. It consisted of new elements that even die hard “Survivor” fans aren’t familiar with.

However, it was no surprise that the episode ended with strategic alliances sending home the first person voted out of “Survivor” Season 43.

This was quite the first episode. It was exciting, eventful and left the viewer not knowing what was coming next. “Survivor” sure knows how to keep people interested.

Rating: 4/5

Natalie Simone is a first-year student majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email nvs5790@psu.edu.