The Best Wii Game

Story posted November 29, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Rachel Fisher

The Nintendo Wii is a classic console that has now been discontinued, but the original Wii games forever live on and continue to be fan favorites.

It’s hard to choose a favorite Wii game, but one of the best ones has to be Wii Party.

This game is definitely a party and a half. It consists of House Party Games, Party Games, Pair Games and Mini Game Modes.

The main games are in the Party Games section, and those take about 30 minutes to an hour to play. These are what make Wii Party so special, as the games feature rounds of minigames that decide the order the players go for each turn. It’s a unique concept that affects each game differently and makes them so much more fun.

Board Game Island is a board-style game where the first-place winner of the minigame gets two dice from one to six, and each succeeding place wins lower and lower dice amounts.

This is a great game to play with beginners or bad players because it keeps everyone in the game and makes it difficult for one player to have a large advantage. The player who won a round could roll a three with both dice, and the player who came in last could roll a six on a single die.

There are also lots of spaces that will push a player ahead or keep them behind, so this skill and luck-based game is great to play with friends.

For more competition, Globe Trot is super unique and requires players to travel across the world and go to different hotspots to shop, eat, or sightsee and collect souvenir photos. This game is more rewarding for more talented players, as a minigame win can guarantee a souvenir photo because the player who goes first gets first dibs.

Winning order also determines how many coins each player gets, and those are used for quicker means of transportation to get to a hotspot. Globe Trot is full of betrayal, rivalry, and stress as it is cutthroat to win the most coins and buy the most transportation cards.

Another enjoyable and more laid-back Party Game is Swap Meet.

In Swap Meet, players aim to build rows of Miis wearing the same color, and bonus points are awarded if the Miis are the same gender or match the player’s color. Swap Meet also has a minigame per round, and the winner gets the first pick of which Mii to add to their row.

What really makes games like these so fun are the minigames, and Wii Party does an excellent job of making the minigames intricate, diverse and just the right amount of challenging.

As one of the few Wii games still relatively popular today, Wii Party definitely deserves recognition for its creative and exciting game options.

Rachel Fisher is a second-year majoring in broadcast journalism.  To contact her, email