“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Episode 4 Review

Story posted April 13, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Sam Roberts

In this week’s episode of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” Marvel Studios’ showed audiences that they are not afraid to shift to a very dark tone in their projects. Episode 4 featured some combat, some flashbacks, Wakanda’s Dora Milaje, and more character development.

Episode 4 opens up with the Dora Milaje tracking Bucky because they want Zemo back in prison since he is responsible for the death of King T’Chaka. They catch up to Bucky and Sam after their encounter with Karli, the leader of the Flag Smashers, but Zemo escapes as the Dora fight John Walker, Battlestar, Sam, and Bucky.

The Dora Milaje also revealed that they have the ability to disable Bucky’s arm when necessary, meaning they never fully trusted the “White Wolf.”

For Sam and Bucky, they are trying to reason with Karli to understand her because they really believe that she has the right intentions but is going about them in the wrong way. Sam has a plan to just go talk to Karli to reason with her and he goes unarmed, until John Walker comes in to arrest and Karli escapes.

In this scene, Zemo runs into Karli and shoots her in the stomach causing her to drop all of her super soldier serum. As Zemo is looking at all of them on the ground, he stomps on them and smashes them until John Walker knocks him out with the shield.

Walker realizes there is one more vile of serum on the ground, and he puts it in his pocket.

The episode ends in a fist fight where Sam, Bucky, Battlestar, and Walker face off against a couple Flag Smashers. Walker has injected the serum at this point and he is fighting with incredible strength and abilities.

Karli ends up killing Battlestar in this face off and John Walker gets enraged. He chases one of the Flag Smashers into the street and murders him with Cap’s shield, and its covered in blood, in one of the most violent scenes in the MCU.

This weeks episode taught us all about power and how it effects people. In the Infinity Saga, Marvels first 23 movies from “Iron Man” to “Avengers: End Game,” we saw how the serum made all the good that was in Cap great.

In episode 4 of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” they showed the audience how power corrupts the people who are bad and makes them worse.

The theme of legacy has been incredibly relevant throughout every episode of the series. Episode 4, titled “The Whole World is Watching,” finally revealed that the legacy of Captain America’s shield is in the wrong hands

. Now it’s time for Sam Wilson to step up and be the leader he is supposed to be.

Episode 5 of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” comes out this Friday and tune in to Comm Radio’s Marvel Mania to hear all about episode 4.

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