The Many Mini-THONs for Four Diamonds

Story posted February 18, 2023 in CommRadio, News by Katie Knol

THON isn’t the only big fundraising event for Four Diamonds. Many elementary, middle and high schools now have their own mini-THONs to support kids and families battling pediatric cancer.

30 years ago, Hershey High School was approached by Four Diamonds about starting its own fundraising event similar to THON. This was the first mini-THON that has since spread throughout the country.

Now, Hershey’s mini-THON event averages about $40,000 raised per year. They do many different fundraisers leading up to mini-THON, and push their students to raise more money by offering special perks they can earn for the night of the event.

They hire a DJ for the entire night and have sports, games, karaoke and food for students to enjoy.

However, they always make sure the kids know that they’re doing this for a serious cause by having a candlelit walk to honor those impacted by pediatric cancer.

Amy Licata is a co-adviser for Hershey High School’s mini-THON. She said the events are a great way for students to develop skills.

“I think that helps build really great character, really great leadership skills and just community service, giving back, recognizing the need to give back, and the actual impact of what it does,” Licata said.

She said some students’ mini-THON experiences in high school have led to them getting involved in Penn State’s THON when they come to college.

According to the mini-THON website, all mini-THONs in the 2020-21 school year raised over $2.8 million across 161 schools.

Katie Knol is a junior majoring in journalism and political science. To contact her, email