The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It – 2 Chainz

Story posted February 15, 2018 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by By Jerome Taylor

The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It is 2 Chainz’ fourth EP and his third since 2016. During that year, 2 Chainz released two EPs (Felt Like Cappin and Hibachi for Lunch) and a mixtape (Daniel Son; Necklace Don) that were filled with the braggadocio, witty metaphors and fun lyrics 2 Chainz has been known for throughout his career. In 2017, 2 Chainz released the album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, which contained all the boastfulness of a typical Chainz’ project, but also contained some of his most serious songs to date. On The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It, 2 Chainz continues to deliver Instagram caption worthy lyrics while continuing to introduce his more serious side.

The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It has several lyrics that showcase 2 Chainz has mastered the art of flexing. On “Land of the Freaks,” 2 Chainz raps, “I am indulgin' in oysters, I bought my shawty a cluster/ I come and ride for a busta, car came with everything except a butler.” 2 Chainz really pushes the boundaries of how extravagantly boastful he can be on “Ok B****”, the opening track of the 4 song EP, when he raps, “Known to buy a new car if I got a flat.”  “OK B****” is a track for lifelong 2 Chainz fans, filled with boastful lyrics, a catchy chorus and a head-nod inducing beat. These types of songs have been a staple of 2 Chainz’ career for almost a decade.

2 Chainz also shows off his undeniable and unique talent when he raps, “Yeah, I'm a misfit, dips***, fish sticks, six whips/ Times two, I'm cold, swine flu, must I remind you?”  on “Land of the Freaks.” Over the course of his career, there has been several times where 2 Chainz has loaded a verse with internal rhymes that only he can deliver to showcase he has that skill in his arsenal.  2 Chainz also showcases his skill when he delivers a chorus and verse that provides insight into why he chose to take the drug-dealing route early in his life on “Proud.” The song features YG and Offset and the three artists use the chorus “I’m just tryna make my momma proud” to give the listener the reason why they chose the routes they did early in their life.

On “Lamborghini Truck (Atlanta S***),” the last song on the project, 2 Chainz reflects on the career that he has had and name drops the people who have helped him get to this point. The track also is an ode to the talent that has come out of Atlanta over the years, namedropping over 20 people who have come out of Atlanta to help elevate hip-hop culture, including Andre 3000, Killer Mike, Gucci Mane, Migos and many more. During the song, 2 Chainz illustrates how much his hometown has meant to him and how much it has meant to hip hop as a whole.
While most mainstream rappers are overloading their projects with filler tracks to bolster their streaming numbers, the veteran 2 Chainz proves that there are still artists that value quality over quantity. It is unlikely that The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It is the last project we see from 2 Chainz this year and, based on his recent track record, that is good for all of us.

Rating: 7/10

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