“The Voice” - Season 22 Review

Story posted September 26, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Alexa Spilotras

The 22nd season of “The Voice” officially premiered Sept. 19.

The battle was not only between the contestants; however, as it was a battle of the judges. Blake Shelton and John Legend returned as coaches, along with former coach Gwen Stefani and new coach Camila Cabello.

It was interesting to see Shelton and Stefani battle against each other since they are husband and wife.

Cabello is here as a star coach and is stealing the thunder from the other coaches already.

The saddest part about the show is that there are contestants that made it far enough to be on the stage, but no coaches turn around for them.

This year, the coaches are being very stingy with turning around because they know that they can only have a certain number of people on their teams. This is really impacting the teams because not everyone is getting good, even teams.

Cabello has shocked many fans of “The Voice” because she is stealing lots of stars that would typically go to Legend.

There are more audition rounds on “The Voice,” so they cannot put all their eggs in one basket, but it's looking like Cabello has a stacked team.

Shelton usually has an advantage on the show because he gets a great team from being a well-known country star.

The show has had a lot of great country stars already, and it would be iconic for Blake to turn them into a winner. Shelton was definitely angered by Stefani because she stole some contestants that would typically be Shelton's type of star.

It was entertaining to see the married couple interacting with each other. A lot of people were interested to know why their chairs were not positioned next to each other when both Stefani and Cabello are new.

All of the coaches gave their contestants presents when they joined their teams. Legend definitely had the coolest present: bomber jackets that say “Legend.” As a contestant, that would be so cool to have.

Shelton has received many laughs with the cooler that he is giving his stars.

This season of “The Voice” has already been entertaining, but a lot of fans of the show are saying that it is slow.

There have been many talented contestants, but last season had a whole lot more. It’s not good for a show's first episode to be seen as slow. If the show does not pick up in the next episode or two, many fans are afraid this season is going to be a lot different.

As it is the 22nd season, the show knows what they are doing and will only amaze the viewers.

Some predictions say they believe that Cabello will take the show away as she is already stealing the best people. A new face will change the show up and hopefully boost the ratings.

Right now, if “The Voice” does not get some more talented people, it may fall off this season. However, everyone is confident that it will.

Rating: 4/5

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