THON Family Carnival

Story posted December 7, 2022 in CommRadio, Sports by Paloma Freundt

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — THON welcomed some of the Four Diamond families to their 40th annual family carnival at the multi-sport facility this past Sunday.

At the event, Penn State organizations lined their booths which featured various games such as basketball, walk the plank and cornhole as well as other activities for the kids. The event which had a nautical theme titled “riding into the waves of change diving into a new adventure” also held various performances, with even the Nittany Lion making an appearance!

This event is cherished by many, especially those who planned it and made this great day for the kids come to life. Kate Wilson, the captain of the special events, and a senior explained what the family carnival means to her.

“Family carnival is my personal favorite event of the year because we get to have a really intimate event with a lot of the Four Diamonds families, and it allows board members and THON volunteers to make connections with the families and it encourages them to continue our fight,” Wilson said.

This beautiful gathering is one worth the celebration. Abby Plocki and ENT Bands Captain and masters student said what made the day so special.

“We’re out here today at the family carnival just to celebrate and introduce our new THON logo for 2023. Really excited to be here and be with all the THON families,” Plocki said. “I think we have over 20 families here today. We’re really getting to know them and spreading our mission through our love for them and just by supporting each other as well.”

As Abby said, at the family carnival THON shared some big news. The big reveal of this year’s logo at the end of the event.

This year’s theme is “Foster the Magic” and the chosen logo was inspired by the magical story of Christopher Millard, who wrote a fairy tale titled Four Diamonds, which the founders have said inspired the Four Diamonds organization.

Paloma Freundt is a senior majoring in journalism. To contact her, email