THON 2022 Captains and How Else You Can Participate

Story posted September 3, 2021 in CommRadio, News by Isabella Leahy

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – THON 2022 is coming up sooner than expected. Although the event was virtual last year, most Penn State students are excited and ready to participate in THON.

THON Captain applications were submitted August 26. Those who get called back for captain interviews will be hearing back in the upcoming week.

Megan Dalo, who is a captain on the THON Public Relations Committee, explains what it means to be a THON Captain. “THON Captains are hardworking and motivated leaders in the THON community. Each captain is part of one of the sixteen different committees that the organization is comprised of, providing volunteers with so many unique ways to become involved and carry out the organization’s mission.”

“As a captain, you can expect to take an active role in the planning of THON events throughout the year, grow as a leader, and build long-lasting relationships while contributing to the year-long fight against childhood cancer,” Dalo said.

The benefits of being a captain are plentiful. “Being a THON Captain is an incredible way for student volunteers to fulfill an active role in the THON community in the year-long effort against childhood cancer. This role can allow student volunteers to further develop their leadership skills and create special relationships with fellow THON volunteers and Four Diamonds families,” Dalo said. Captains can have a real impact on these families and children’s lives.

Although THON Captain applications are now closed, there are other ways to get involved.

Committee Member applications go live on on Sept. 6. Dalo explained, “committee members play a key role in helping THON fulfill its mission of conquering childhood cancer. As a committee member, you can expect to plan for and attend THON events, be a part of a team that is dedicated to seeing the organization grow and create lasting bonds that make for a great experience.”

Students can also join clubs like Atlas or Ohana, for example, that specialize in all things THON.

When asked if THON 2022 would be an in-person or virtual event Dalo said, “while the nature of THON Weekend 2022 has not yet been determined, the THON Executive Committee is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all volunteers, families, and supporters is at the forefront when planning all pre-THON events and during THON Weekend.”

“As an organization, we continue to adhere to regulations set forth by the University and CDC. An announcement with further information will be shared with the THON Community when it is available. If we have learned anything through this pandemic, it is that the THON community is resilient, and that THON is not defined by a single person or place. We are all in this fight to one day dance in celebration of a cure,” Dalo added.

Even if THON 2022 is virtual once again, Dalo explained how digital engagement and the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts have been focal points for the organizations in past years and especially this one.

THON 2022 is such a great way to get involved with Penn State and those who share an interest in fighting for a cure.

Lastly, Dalo stated that she is “part of this fight so that one day, cancer does not have the power to take away beautiful moments from the children and families fighting their battles.”

THON has left such a lasting impact on all who got involved and can leave one on those who have yet to get involved. For further information about THON, visit

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