Timberlake Takes on Netflix

Story posted October 26, 2016 in CommRadio by Amy Rosenzweig

On October 12th, Netflix began streaming Justin Timberlake’s concert documentary. The documentary took place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which was the last show on his 20/20 Experience tour that lasted for two years.

What a show it was to end such a long and elaborate tour. The documentary opens with Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids, which consists of his band, background singers and dancers all entering the venue with excitement all over their faces. The Tennessee Kids have nothing but kind words to say about working for Timberlake, which makes for a heart-warming start.

Following some brief introductions from some of the Tennessee Kids, Timberlake opens the show with his song, “Pusher Love Girl,” from the 20/20 Experience. This song choice was a great way to kick off the concert and to showcase his fantastic vocals. His performance skills effortlessly shine with his ability to sing and dance at the same time through out all of his songs from “Rock Your Body” to “Let the Groove In.” 

Another addition to all of his numbers is the lights and background singers and dancers. These aspects all add to Timberlake’s performance but also do no take away from what really matters at a concert, which is the performance by the artists themselves. Following his first song, Timberlake amps up the crowd by interacting with them. He asks them questions about how they are feeling throughout the show and requests that the audience bring the energy from a 9.9 to a 10. He genuinely knows how to engage a crowd and bring its energy up.

Some of Timberlake’s next numbers include “Sex Love Sounds,” “Like I Love You,” “My Love” and “Lovestoned.” While many of these songs are well-known radio hits, Timberlake provides the audience with unique introductions to them along with intricate vocals to give each song an unexpected twist as a feast for the ears. As an addition to Timberlake’s vocals the audience is provided with amazing graphics on the screen behind Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids. During the interlude of “Lovestoned” there is a video game type of scene behind him. The geometrical scenery eventually turns into a dark piano and Timberlake disappears. Seconds later the audience is then surprised when Timberlake reappears onto the stage with an actual piano. Such details made for amazing showmanship by Timberlake.

Other favorites that were included towards the end of the show were “Can’t Drink You Away,” “Suit and Tie” and “Sexy Back.” Additionally, Timberlake pays tribute to one of his idols by singing “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson. To conclude the show, Timberlake sings “Mirror,” one of his biggest hits from the 20/20 Experience. The crowd belts the song with him, which visibly moves Timberlake, as he seems to be extremely humbled and emotional to be concluding his tour.

While going to a concert in person is typically preferred, sometimes it can be a bit expensive and inconvenient for some of those who want to attend but cannot. It’s great for fans to be able to witness the concert with the convenience of their own electronic devices from wherever viewers may be. Although it may not be the same as actually attending the event, the quality of the filming and the energy of the concert itself allow viewers to feel almost as if they were there. Timberlake’s concert documentary was a wonderful show and a great way for fans that could not attend, or wanted to witness it all over again, and have what is truly a 20/20 Experience.


Amy Rosenzweig is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations. To contact her, email amyrosenzweig12@gmail.com