Story posted February 18, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Maclain Young

Every February, Penn State students and community members join together for THON, a 46-hour dance marathon supporting the fight against childhood cancer.

However, while people around State College choose to participate in the event many different ways, there are also some who prefer not to.

Some students on campus do not know what THON is entirely, others prefer to focus on schoolwork during a trying time in the spring semester.

Jaylen Norman, a junior majoring in finance said, “I’d rather just focus on school, I never really considered it.”

Other students shared Norman’s sentiment, not ready to jump into the vast entity that THON is.

Lauren Greenfield, a freshman majoring in costume design said, “I’m a freshman, I just wanted to start the year.” She added, “maybe I’ll get involved next year.”

Greenfield expressed that she wanted to try and find her footing at Penn State before jumping into a huge event like THON.

Greenfield’s friend, Madelyn Harnish, also a freshman majoring in costume design simply said, “I didn’t do it this year because it did not fit my schedule.”

Norman, Greenfield and Hardish all said that they support the cause that THON is fighting for, but for one reason or another did not choose to participate this year.

Despite some students and community members choosing to not participate in THON, there are still plenty who are ready to work this weekend and show great enthusiasm for the event.

Penn State alumni David Miller who graduated last year is dancing in THON for the 46 hours with an alumni organization interest group. Miller had to raise enough money before THON to do this.

Miller said he does THON because, “every single family interaction has been meaningful.”

He has been participating in THON for seven years, since his days in high school and is most looking forward to talking to THON families in person after having to do so on Zoom last year.
It is interesting to see how much enthusiasm some students and community members have for THON compared to others. Some people around State College have no idea what THON is or what it is about while others see this weekend as the biggest event of the year at Penn State.

After talking to those interviewed, it seems like those involved in THON are all in and care deeply about the cause while those not involved are a bit intimidated by it all.

Students and community members in State College have a lot on their plates and without a vast knowledge of what THON is about, they have little motivation to drop everything they are doing and participate in the event.

Maclain Young is a second-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email