Aminé - “TWOPOINTFIVE” Album Review

Story posted November 9, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Caelan Chevrier

Portland-based rapper Aminé is back with his newest mixtape, "TWOPOINTFIVE." He announced the album via his Twitter only two days before releasing it, and he also had revealed one teaser track, “Charmander,” earlier. He advertised the tape as an “EPLPMixtapeAlbum,” similar to his 2018 predecessor record, “ONEPOINTFIVE.”

"TWOPOINTFIVE" is the most experimental Aminé has ever been, and while it lacks in a few elements, it helps establish the 27-year-old rapper as one of the most creative driving forces in the game.

Comparatively, there are major differences in not only the production elements of the record but also how songs are structured as a whole. His first three records were more trap-oriented while throwing in components of pop and alternative. Here he finds himself dabbling into electronic music, specifically hyperpop, house, and dance.

This new direction can be attributed to the selection of producers that Aminé enlists. F1lthy, and Maaly Raw, who are responsible for many of the electric Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti hits are present and add Aminé to their list of successful collaborations. One could argue that the beats on “TWOPOINTFIVE” are the most consistent in Aminé’s discography and are the best part of the album.

The mixtape is reminiscent of the likes of a BROCKHAMPTON, or JPEGMAFIA project, but remains unique thanks to the swagger and charisma of Aminé himself.

There is significantly less rapping here than any of his previous projects before. Instead, he opts for more singing and notable pitch-shifted vocals. This works to his benefit for a majority of the time, like on the opener, “YiPiYay,” he sounds authentic and genuinely impressive.

The following track, “Colors,” might be the most substantial song on the album, and one of the best in his discography. From the catchy chorus, the tight rhyme schemes, the alternation between his rapping and singing, to the infectious production, it highlights his strengths tremendously.

On “Between the Lines” he raps “Girl, I'm not stupid, I can read between the lines | I know I'm acting young, I'm just tryna not decide | Commitment seeming endless, I'm just really terrified.” Lyrically, this is one of his more emotionally charged songs to this date, and this track particularly stands out considering how laid back and easy the mixtape is.

From the very first lines on the record, listeners know what they are getting into. Spoken by actor Rickey Thompson, he says, “If you feeling sad, alone, depressed, upset | F--k that, it's time to get up, go have some fun.” It is made clear that "TWOPOINTFIVE" is not meant to be taken too seriously. Thompson narrates several other moments as well, with all of them being enjoyable.

The mixtape runs into some issues with its replayability and longevity. Currently, 2020’s “Limbo” is Aminé’s greatest accomplishment due to its consistency, features, and depth. This newest mixtape has no features, and while Aminé proves that he can hold his own, some help would have gone a long way here.

Clocking in at 26 minutes total, "TWOPOINTFIVE" is short and a majority of tracks only last around two and a half minutes. Tracks like “OKWME,” and “Mad Funny Freestyle” are not memorable and unfortunately, show that he did not make the most of his time.

Some may have also liked to have seen him expand lyrically, the themes of the album only expand so far. One line that particularly stood out for better or worse was "We finna make babies tonight: "Goo-goo-ga-ga" ("Wah")."

There is also no standout “hit,” either. Every single other project had multiple tracks that stood out and were immensely popular in various settings. It is unclear if any of these songs will be in rotation after their immediate release.

"TWOPOINTFIVE" is Aminé’s idiosyncratic release yet and can be considered to be very left-field. There is much to enjoy, but lots to be desired as well. Aminé can take his career in a variety of directions from here and will be exciting to see where he goes next. -Caelan Chevrier

Rating: 6/10

Reviewer’s Favorite Songs: “Colors,” “Charmander,” “Between the Lines”

Reviewer’s Least Favorite Song: “Mad Funny Freestyle”

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