Valentine’s Day Specials Listicle

Story posted February 14, 2022 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by CommRadio Arts & Entertainment Department

Holiday Specials can be some of the best episodes of a series. There is no exception for Valentine’s Day.

In this listicle, the Arts and Entertainment Department look at some of the best Valentine’s specials out there.

“Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special”

Christmas is ruined, and only one person can save the day, Michael Bolton. 10 months in advance, Bolton must ensure that 75,000 babies are conceived on Valentine's Day. Naturally, he puts together a PBS-style telethon to encourage people to make babies.

However, bizarre “Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special” sounds it’s ten times weirder. It’s meta, a parody, corny, and it knows no bounds of reality.

The Netflix special is directed by Akiva Schaffer of The Lonely Island and Scott Aukerman of Comedy Bang Bang.

The Lonely Island had collaborated with Bolton previously with the digital short “Jack Sparrow” (which Bolton does an acoustic cover of in this special) features The Lonely Island’s comedy at its best and weirdest. A concept that is so absurd and stupid it’s insanely impressive that it’s pulled off so well.

The cast is stacked with comedic talent and insane cameos. Some highlights include Will Forte as Bolton's twin Michael Fulton, Eric Andre as rapper Baby Archer, Maya Rudolph as herself, Andy Samberg as Kenny G and Kenny G as janitor No. 1.

“Michael Bolton’s Big Sexy Valentine’s Day Special” is an adventure to watch from the first second till the end credits scene and will have people legitimately laughing out loud. – Sophia D’Ovidio

“My Furry Valentine”- Season 3 Episode 1 “Big Mouth”

Initially, a double-length special released between the second and third season of the series “My Furry Valentine” isn’t just a great Valentine’s special but one of the best “Big Mouth” episodes to date.

This episode features a group musical number called “Valentine’s Day,” which shows a majority of the characters singing about how much they hate the holiday.

The original Netflix series has never been shy to parody other shows or movies, and this episode is no different. Utilizing the format of the classic rom-com “When Harry Met Sally” format provides for hilarious moments between the kids and their hormone monsters and a useful plot device.

As if puberty isn’t already an awkward time having to deal with the pressures of Valentine’s Day allows for some of the funniest moments in the series and legitimate character development.

Not only is “My Furry Valentine” “Big Mouth” at their best it also works exceptionally well as a stand-alone special for Valentine's Day. – Sophia D’Ovidio

“Valentine’s Day” – “The Office”

Not only is this episode filled with pink, chocolate and flowers but the development of the storyline and characters during this episode is what makes it such a special one.

The receptionist, Pam, has to sign for another coworker’s elaborate Valentine's Day gifts all day, and she increasingly becomes irritated that nothing is from her fiancé. The audience knows that Pam’s fiancé doesn’t treat her well, so it is humorous to see her annoyance and the contrast of being showered with gifts and affection.

Meanwhile, love is not in the air at Michael Scott’s business meeting as his boss who he had a romantic night wants nothing to do with him. When he lets this revelation slip as a way to defend her, he puts both of their jobs in jeopardy.

Dwight, who has a secret girlfriend, finds himself in a bind when she gives him the perfect gift.  It is sweet to see this side of their relationship and how thoughtful gifts are much more appreciated.

“Valentine’s Day” is jam-packed with drama, suspense and most importantly love. It has an engaging plot that features more than just Valentine’s Day festivities, and character relationships that blossom. - Rachel Fisher

“Galentine’s Day” – “Parks and Recreation”

This Valentine’s Day feature focuses on more than the love between couples, as the audience sees Leslie and all her best girlfriends celebrating the day before as a way to appreciate their love for each other, and Leslie continues to throw Galentine’s Day parties throughout the series.

At this party, Leslie’s mother tells a romantic story of being saved by a lifeguard back when she was younger, and Leslie’s boyfriend convinces her to track him down and reunite them on Valentine’s Day.

It seems like a great idea with a perfect little ending, but her former love is not what they expected, and Leslie’s boyfriend is adamant about getting them to meet although he would not be good for her mother.

Even though things do not work out the best with Leslie’s relationship, this episode still features sweet moments between the characters and even a song that sparks another budding romance. - Rachel Fisher

“Palentine’s Day” - Good Trouble

Love triangles, sister drama and hidden feelings all in a special. What would Valentine’s Day be without a little drama at the Coterie?

In “Palentine’s Day”, the drama and secrets developing since the beginning of season 2 are finally brought to light in a night of festivities.

This episode is packed with the drama between all of the characters and their romantic interests and significant others, capturing all the challenges that may be encountered in any relationship.

Here’s the rundown:

First, there’s Callie, rattled with nerves that her current boyfriend, Jamie, is going to propose to her after she discovers an engagement ring in his drawer.

In a desperate attempt to avoid such an awkward situation, Callie opts to join her ex-housemates at the Coterie for their “Palentine’s Day celebration where her ex-boyfriend, Gael, is also in attendance, making for an even more awkward, yet interesting night.

Trying not to ruin a friendship, while attempting to pursue something more, Dennis struggles to drop hints and confess his feelings to Davia, encountering unresponsiveness from her end.

“Who’s supposed to say I love you first?”: a query Malika begins to have when her boyfriend, Isaac, starts acting more distant after she drops the L-bomb.

Isabella, Mariana’s new “pick me” roommate starts getting way too close to comforting Mariana’s boyfriend, Raj, causing some confusion as to whom he wants to be with.

And finally, the sisters Mariana and Callie are left to hash out their differences, addressing what exactly caused Callie to move out and live with Jamie instead.

A little drama on Valentine’s Day never hurt anybody…at least on screen. - Abby Chachoute

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