What to know about Pennsylvania senate candidate John Fetterman

Story posted October 31, 2022 in CommRadio, News by Emily McGlynn


John Fetterman has served as the 34th lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania since 2019. Fetterman served for the AmeriCorps which led him to Braddock, Pennsylvania, where he later became the mayor in 2005.

This is his second time running for Senate as a Democrat for Pennsylvania. In 2018, he gained national attention for his efforts to legalize marijuana statewide and pushing back on President Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud in Pennsylvania.

The takeaways from the Pennsylvania Senate Debate dealt with minimum wage, abortion rights and fracking. Fetterman intends to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. When it comes to abortion rights, Fetterman is in support of Roe v. Wade. Lastly, he supports fracking and said, “We can’t be held ransom to somebody like Russia.”

Under the issues tab on Fetterman’s website, he describes his opinions on issues varying from the immigration system to criminal justice reform to fighting inflation. Fetterman addresses 16 issues on his website.

For more detail about what Fetterman believes in, visit https://johnfetterman.com/issues/.  

Emily McGlynn is a third-year majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact her, email esm5378@psu.edu.