Yung Gravy Concert Review

Story posted December 8, 2021 in CommRadio, Arts & Entertainment by Ethan Hetrick

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. --- On November 29, Penn State’s SPA (Student Programming Association) announced Yung Gravy was coming to State College. Within an hour, all the free tickets were sold out.

Luckily, for those who could not obtain one there was a standby line.

After four days of anticipation, the concert finally arrived.

From 10 a.m. until the 8 p.m. concert there was a mild large standby line waiting for the music star’s arrival.

For those who waited in the standby line there were giveaways of Yung Gravy merch like bracelets and tattoos to thank the fans for waiting, but those who purchased tickets in advance got lights to wave around during the show.

Alumni Hall in The HUB (Hetzel Union Building) of Penn State is where the show took place, and it was not an ideal environment. The temperature was super-hot, and the tight grouping of people led to heavy sweat throughout the crowd, but besides that, the show was good, especially for the four days it had for it to be set up.

To start off the show Yung Gravy had his DJ come out and hype up the crowd. With mixes of popular songs that Yung Gravy likes such as “Mo Bamba,” the DJ managed to successfully hype up the crowd.

When Yung Gravy came out, the crowd went wild.

Starting off with his famous “Gravy Train” to excite the crowd more, Yung Gravy had quite the entrance. He also started throwing out inflatables for the crowd to hold and engage in.

Throughout the show Yung Gravy had a lot of crowd engagement. He regularly threw out signed cereal boxes, lunchables, granola bars and water bottles to feed and hydrate the crowd.

He continually talked to the crowd by telling them stories about his life or constantly doing Penn State’s famous ‘WE ARE’ chant. A fun touch he also added is that he named the crowd the “Littany Lions.”

He also gave the crowds activities like shining phone lights to create a space atmosphere. He parted the crowd so people could dance in the center. Like most artists, he got the crowd to sing many parts of the songs.

The highlight of crowd engagement is when he came into the crowd to meet fans and even signed a boy’s Yung Gravy merch and wore one girl’s glasses.

But let’s talk about some of the songs he played.

Each song he went into anyone in the audience can tell he went hard on each song.

Like by getting the crowd riled up with classics like “Magic” or “Whip a Tesla.”

Yung Gravy also performed “Steppin’ On The Beat” for the first time on stage. It was a little sloppy, but if one were to look at the crowd no one could tell.

One of the funniest moments was while singing “Cheryl” Yung Gravy choked on water and had to rewind so the audience was not missing any moments.

He helped the crowd hate their exes by performing “shining on my ex.” The crowd was pleasantly surprised by his performance of “Tampa Bay Bustdown.”

But the clear fan favorite song was “One Thot Two Thot Red Thot Blue Thot.”

But the saddest moment of the night was when Yung Gravy closed out with “Oops” because the fans still filled with excitement from the show just wanted him out longer. But at least he gave a fan the Nittany Lions jersey he was wearing.

Yung Gravy had one more surprise while fans were leaving, by blasting classic Penn State song Zombie Nation.
Overall, for an abbreviated time there was to plan and execute a free Yung Gravy concert, it was fun with the personal experience that Yung Gravy gave to his loyal fans.


Ethan Hetrick is a first-year communications major. To contact him email