Hockey Night in State College

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Christopher Hess

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Hailing from Long Island, Christopher has experience in public address announcing alongside broadcasting volleyball, hockey, baseball, and softball. Chris has been featured on Daylate Tailgate, Comradio’s Sunday College Football recap show, and on a number of podcasts. Chris also writes a number of articles during football and hockey season. Chris is also a co-host on “Hockey Night in State College.” Chris is interested in either play-by-play or public address announcing for a college or professional sports team alongside being a sports radio personality. To contact Chris, email him

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Nathan Pullen

Freshman / Journalism

Nathan Pullen is a sophomore from Fauquier County, VA, about forty minutes west of DC. He cohosts a talkshow through CommRadio, writes for College Hockey News, and will be interning with the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox this summer.

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Jeremy Schooler

Junior / Journalism

Jeremy Schooler is an aspiring sports analyst and broadcaster who also has a passion for written journalism. A native of Bethesda, MD, he has been involved with CommRadio for three semesters, has done play-by-play and analysis of Penn State softball and baseball, and plans to expand his repertoire in 2019-2020 with coverage of Nittany Lions’ hockey, soccer and basketball. Jeremy has completed summer internships in the communications and journalism fields for companies such as AIPAC and The Israel Project, and he hopes to earn an academic certificate from PSU’s John Curley Center for Sports Journalism.

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Danny Murray

Freshmen / Journalism

Danny Murray is a freshman majoring in broadcast journalism. Hailing from Mamaroneck, NY, Danny is an avid New York sports fan and has been following his favorite teams since a very young age. Since coming to Penn State, Danny has hosted a weekly NFL game picks podcast in the fall, and is a co-host on the Hockey Night in State College talk show. His goal is to become a host on either a radio or television sports talk show but also is interested in calling sports games at some point in his career.

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