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Emeral Baptiste

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Hello, my name is Emeral Baptiste and I'm currently a senior at The Pennsylvania State University in pursuit of a degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in sociology. I was born and raised in New York City and choose to attend college at this university due to the resources and opportunities they have for students in my field. As an aspiring broadcast journalist, this website is created to show you the highlights of some of the work I have done in this field. With only a year left until I graduate I'm strongly determined to give it my all, to learn as much as possible in my field, and to be the best journalist I can be. My aspirations is to be a reporter, producer or even someone behind the scenes like a floor director! You either have to go hard or go home. I have learned how to edit videos and make videos as well as audio recordings. I'm a reporter for Centre County reporting for the fall of 2019 and I hope that every opportunity gives me a chance to grow and no matter how old I get, I still want to learn more. So here I am taking one step at a time.

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