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Paige Brokaw

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Paige Brokaw is currently a senior at The Pennsylvania State University. She is majoring in Broadcast Journalism, with a minor in Kinesiology. Paige has been learning how to use Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, and Hindenburg while being a student here at Penn State. She is currently a Dunkin Donuts Ambassador. Her dream job is to hopefully work for the New York Yankees. She wants to go into the Sports Broadcasting world. Since she was a kid, she has always idolized Derek Jeter and he is one of the reasons she is in this major. Paige is a good public speaker, organized, on-time, outgoing, and good with people. She chose her major because she loves communicating with people. She admires getting to know their stories. She chose Kinesiology as my minor, so that she could learn more about how the body moves, so she can get a better understanding for her career.

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