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Lianne Galante

Senior / Journalism

I am currently the social media intern at AccuWeather. I'm an outgoing, driven, and responsible student. I have background experience in business, editorial, and social media. I speak Spanish with special attention to the business world. I am looking for a position in corporation communications, ideally with a focus on social media. I have interned at Town&Gown magazine in State College, CollegeFashionista, and AKR Public Relations in New York City. Social media, editing, and traveling are three of my passions. I hope to be able to combine them all at one point in the future. I have studied Spanish for over seven years and recently took a class focusing on Spanish in the business world. I have studied abroad in Spain and used my language skills every day. My writing style can vary to fit whatever job it is I'm doing, coming off concise is one of my strengths. Not only can I write articles to memos I also am adroit with social media.

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