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Courtney Lewis-LaBeach

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

Courtney LaBeach is a junior at the Pennsylvania State University. She is studying broadcast journalism and minoring in sociology. She developed the love for journalism after joining her high schools newspaper club. During her college career she interned with CBS radio and Qwik Rock Radio. She has interest in all aspects of broadcast journalism. She also wants to travel the world and report on many different type of dances around the world. Courtney dreams to have her own radio show that only reports on the good news. Courtney would like to began her broadcast journey behind the scenes as a board operator or technical director. She would like to produce a hip-hop and r&b radio station and she also has great interest in being a news anchor.

Open mic

Video posted November 11, 2013 in News by Monique Robinson and Courtney LaBeach

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