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Morgan Raphael

Freshman / Broadcast Journalism

Henry David Thoreau once said, "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined." Ever since I was a little girl, despite my brief period of shyness, all I wanted was to be on the camera or the stage. At age three I was forced into a bright turquoise and gold sequined costume with a giant bow plastered on my head for my first dance recital. From that day forward, my life continued to grow on the stage. I became a passionate dancer, until injuring my knee at age 14, an obstacle that transformed me into a "theater geek". My passion for acting began and I then realized how much I love connecting with an audience. As the curtains closed after every show, my heart warmed with the roar of their hands clapping. A couple years later, a light-bulb moment occurred. I realized I can not only perform, but share knowledge and connect with an audience by majoring in Broadcast Journalism; so here I am, dedicated and excited while studying at Penn State University. My dream job is to become a TV reporter for an entertainment station, however, any experience I can obtain would make me extremely happy and grateful. ComRadio has given me first-hand experience on accomplishing my dream. Everytime I hear the news intro music, my heart flutters; I feel as though I am gravitating more toward my dream each time.

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