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Erin Torpey

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I am a senior broadcast journalism major at Penn State University. I have a minor in English, which was actually my original major. It wasn’t until second semester of my junior year that I realized the college of communications was a better choice for me. I like to think that my outgoing and pleasant personality can help me excel in my future career. Most students studying broadcast journalism want to be new anchors or professional journalists. My career goal is not the typical answer that most students in my position would say. I would very much like to be a broadcast sales manager for a major broadcasting network. Although I have adapted proficient writing skills and other abilities to be a good journalist, when I was in the hands on environment of a broadcast I saw that there is much more to it than just the talent. Over the past five years most of my jobs have been in the sales or customer service industry. I have worked for numerous telecommunications companies and I have excelled as a sales representative. I feel that the sales industry is something that comes natural to me. With that in mind, I have a passion for broadcasting and I feel that putting these two loves together would be the ultimate career for me.

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