3 Dots Downtown Hosts Event to End Homelessness

Story posted October 10, 2019 in CommRadio, News by Jack McCune

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. - Ending homelessness for good. This was the goal of the Potluck Brainstorm held Tuesday at 3 Dots Downtown, a performing space, art gallery and community center. Over 50 Centre County residents, including priests, passionate problem-solvers and professionals who deal with poverty issues, shared free food—for eating and for thought, tackling local homelessness problems and providing solutions.

Spud Marshall, an innovation director at 3 Dots, led the event with unique style, as guests chatted with new faces, wrote distinctive ideas on sticky notes to place on a wall for all to read, and pet Marshall’s friendly chocolate lab, Bodi.

Marshall noted the importance of organizing the event in the State College way by maintaining the status quo.

“Part of what we’re doing here at 3 Dots is creating a space where people think outside the box,” said Marshall, who launched the business earlier this year. “Part of our goal as an organization is to have the pulse on what people in this community really care about at any given moment.”

Instead of discussing conceptual ideas, guests focused on specific issues involving the local homeless community and ways to resolve them.

John Kelly, a guest at the event and a manager at Strawberry Fields, a local community relief company helping those in need, said that there are many ways to save money while providing for poverty relief efforts. He suggested using abandoned Centre County mobile home parks, which already have access to water and electricity, to build Tiny Home communities, where those affected by poverty can have their own place to eat and sleep.

3 Dots Downtown will host its next Potluck Brainstorm on Nov. 5. Marshall has not announced the topic yet, but he said it will be just as creative and fun.


Jack McCune is a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism. To contact him, email jxm1237@psu.edu.