3D printing club takes things to a whole new dimension

Photo/Video posted April 27, 2017 in News by Lianne Galante


The Penn State 3D Printing Club was founded in 2013. The club occupies 312 Hammond Building and has dozens of members. Their president Daniel Tanney leads the club that officially meets Sundays at 6 p.m., but members can be found working on projects any given night of the week. Decorating the lab is an assortment of 3D printed objects from an astronaut to an Eiffel Tower and of course many Penn State objects.

3D printing is expected to lead the future, experts claiming airplanes will be able to be 3D printed and even being used in medical practice.
The 3D printing club at Penn State subsists on funding for the university, though some of the software is available to download for free off the internet.
The club is useful for aspiring engineers because they can use 3D printers for prototypes and that is what most of the members’ majors are in the club.
Just about every night of the week you can find the clubs members collaborating with each other whether they are working on projects for fun or for class while listening to music.
Though this club can appear overlooked the 3D printing club is leading the way for the next generations and the future.