55 Days at Cafe 210 West

Video posted April 29, 2015 in News by Rachael McCleary


The rules are simple. Come to Café everyday. Buy a drink. Last 55 days. Sounds easy right? Well it might surprise you that only a select few actually complete Café 210 West’s 55 Days Challenge. Senior members of the Penn State Singing Lions are just some of the brave bar-goers to take on the contest.

Soon to be graduates Devon Fields, Kris Canner, and Nick Sewchek are continuing the legacy of the Singing Lions by tackling 55 Days. Every year, the group’s senior members spend the remaining days of school after spring break drinking and socializing at Penn State’s popular bar.

The task isn’t an easy one- Canner said he’s probably spent close to $300 already, with about 15 days left to go. Some people question why it’s worth spending all that money at a bar, but the group firmly believes the reward is well worth the money if they get to spend time with their friends everyday.

Continuing the Singing Lions tradition, the senior members have taken a picture everyday to commemorate their time spent at Café. These pictures have been circling the social media scene, and have made the group quite well known at Café. Fields said that bouncers and bar goer’s regularly point them out, saying ‘You’re the people on the slideshow! You’re Café famous!’

At the end of the 55 day challenge, everyone will receive a “55 days” party, which will include free food a drinks, free t-shirts, day-long entertainment, and of course, their names immortalized on a plaque that will hang in Café for the rest of their lives.