Music Monday: 888- Critical Mistakes EP Review

Story posted February 6, 2017 in News, CommRadio by Allison Wulfhorst

Electronic-Alternative style rock is becoming a popular genre for popular bands and new ones to try out, but isn’t always easy to completely get it right all the time. Many artists do, however, and although they are usually more experienced with tours and albums under their belts, new bands can pull it off just as well. An example of this is the band, 888; they released their debut EP, Critical Mistakes, on July 15, 2016. Although there are only five songs for the band to show off their talents and skills, they do it very well.

This EP is full of elements from both the electronic and rock genre that makes 888 stand out to fans of each. Between catchy synths, powerful drums, and crafty guitar work, this EP makes its presence known and 888 as a band to keep an eye on. Since EPs are shorter, they usually don’t have a sense of cohesiveness that an LP would. This is the case for Critical Mistakes, but it never takes away from the experience listening to it. The songs still sound like they flow together even though they don’t have a theme or sense of unity like an album.

888 formed in Denver, CO and are made up of vocalist, Danny Stillman, keyboardist, Aaron Rothe, and drummer, Danny Cooper.

The EP kicks off with “Critical Mistakes,” which powerfully mixes the alternative rock instrumentals overlapped with electronic synths. The vocals even sound like they are affected by electronic effects, but unlike many other artists, it adds more to them rather than taking away from their purpose. Synths are catchy during the whole track, especially in the bridge where they take over the song, with the addition of the vocals, then eventually the rest of the instrumentals.

“Seattle Rain” follows with a unique beginning mix between electronics and instrumentals. The rock elements are toned down more to sound more like an indie tune, which makes the vocals stand out even more. Even though it’s a tamer song, the drums are shown off well, especially in the way they mix with the synths.

“Gold” begins with pure electronic elements and with similar toned down vocals to “Seattle Rain.” This song also relies more so on electronic effects because they prominently appear in the chorus, after all the chorus relies heavily on them rather than all vocals or instrumentals.

“Decades” utilizes the same electronic elements as the others, but uses them in different ways. For example, effects used on the vocals are more obvious at certain points and the track seems to rely more heavily on these elements compared to the alternative rock instrumentals.

“Young and In Love” closes out the EP with a perfect mix of electronics and rock instrumentals. This song, as well as most of the others have such powerful drumming that stands out even when put side to side with the electronic effects. The bridge in this song is unique because of the way it slows down and picks back up into the chorus that makes the listener want to bop to the beat.

This EP is recommended for anyone who wants to try out a new band that has established a unique sound for themselves and have the talent to take make their music heard by many.

Rating: 8.5/10


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