A creative director in more ways than one

Story posted March 2, 2017 in News by Garrett Ross

Alexander Andreades is the creative director at The Daily Collegian, Penn State University’s independent student newspaper. In this role, Andreades is responsible for the production of graphics and advertisements.

But graphic design isn’t Andreades’ only creative outlet. Ander, as he prefers to be called, has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old when his parents gifted him a black, sunburst Ibanez for his birthday — a keepsake that still hangs on his bedroom wall.

When he first started out, he stuck to covering well-known songs, but now Andreades is dabbling in creating original music. While he hasn’t released anything yet, that’s what he’s working toward, in the hopes of publishing some of his work online — and, hopefully, receiving some criticism along with compliments.