A day in the life of the Penn State Boombox Guy

Video posted April 23, 2012 in News by Aqiyla McLean


 Brian Cronauer is currently studying political science at Penn State University. Cronauer is a transfer student from the branch campus in Altoona. With graduation rapidly approaching he’s considering picking up another major to stay in State College for another year. Why go through the stress of dealing with a new major? Well, when you're a full-time student as well as a celebrity on campus, who would want to give up such a lifestyle?

Brian is the kid that everybody refers to as “The Penn State Boom Box Guy.” Brian earned his celebrity status when he started carrying an old school boom box around with him on the weekends downtown on College and Beaver avenues. Seeing as though Cronauer isn't too interested in drinking, so attending parties that have the same music in heavy rotation doesn't appeal to him. There had to be a solution.

Cronauer decided to get the old boom box at his house and started carrying it around with him when he went out on the weekend. But, instead of playing what was “hot” and “new” at the moment, he figured he could play a bunch of 80’s and 90’s music that the students at Penn State most likely grew up listening to.

Surprisingly, people flocked around Cronauer when he debut his old piece of equipment, and the rest is history. Brian’s favorite artist to blast on the weekend’s is none other than the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. He would even do the entire “Thriller” dance whenever requested. He takes great pride in saying that he’s held up traffic with his moves. So it comes as no surprise that he dresses like Michael in the Thriller video for Halloween. Unfortunately, the cops have banned him from doing his infamous routine because of the commotion it causes amongst the bystanders who tend to get involved.

Still unsure if he’s going to stay one more year, Cronauer has a couple successors who he has in mind to carry on his legacy once he does graduate. Even if no one decides to follow in his footsteps, Cronauer is certain that he will definitely be remembered for years to come.

Boombox Meets Paternovillain

Penn State sophomore, Brad Vasko reflects back on the first time he saw Brian carrying around his boombox on campus. They met at Paternoville and Vasko says he enjoys when Brian stops by because it makes their camp out a bit more lively.