A Discovered Passion

Video posted April 26, 2012 in News by Stephanie Olmo


     Quilan Arnold thought he had his life planned out once arriving to Penn State, but he soon discovered a passion that would change his whole college career around. He learned that dance was what he truly wanted to pursue. Arnold was given a full tuition scholarship under the Eberly College of Science to pursue forensic science, but after becoming deeply involved in the dance group “Ram Squad,” he immediately developed a change of heart.

     Arnold describes spending his freshmen year “rotting away and sulking in his sorrows” because of the uncertainty of his future. He shortly realized his dance hobby was developing to be a passion and started to spend more and more time with it. His dedication to dance affected his academic performance and soon lost his scholarship, but after retrieved it by the help of a family friend.

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     A battle that Arnold had to face for the first two years of college was the disappointment of his parents and the pursuit of his dream. He mentions he learned to get over it by “fighting the sadness and struggles” to move on with his life. Currently, Arnold is now in a good place with his family and is excited for what the future has in store for him.