A Game of Skill, Endurance, and Camaraderie.

Video posted April 27, 2015 in News by Tyler Gallagher


For some students at Penn State, video games are more than something to pass the time. They are used to blow off steam, or relax and unwind after a busy day of studying and learning. But to some people it goes beyond that, and has become a big part of their lives and culture. Some of these hardcore gamers reside in the video game club of Penn State.

Once every semester the club gets together to host a 24-hour marathon where the participants hang out and enjoy their fabled tradition of playing video games and enjoying some friendly competition. The marathons in the fall are done to raise money for the charity drive Extra Life, while the marathons in the spring are held mainly for fun, but also to raise funds for the clubs future needs.

The marathon, which is traditionally held somewhere in the HUB-Robeson Center on campus, re-located to the Findlay/Johnstown Commons at East Halls, due to a sudden rise in rental prices for the HUB.

VGhlIG1hcmF0aG9uIHRvb2sgcGxhY2UgaW4gdGhpcyByb3VuZCwgc3R1ZHkgcm9vbSBhdCBFYXN0IEhhbGxzIENvbW1vbnMgdGhpcyBzZW1lc3RlciBhcyB0aGUgcmVudGFsIHByaWNlcyBmb3Igc3BvdHMgaW4gdGhlIEhVQiByb3NlIGRyYXN0aWNhbGx5IGFmdGVyIHJlbm92YXRpb25zIHRvIHRoZSBjZW50ZXIgd2VyZSBmaW5pc2hlZCBlYXJsaWVyIHRoaXMgeWVhci4=The marathon took place in this round, study room at East Halls Commons this semester as the rental prices for spots in the HUB increased drastically after renovations to the center were finished earlier this year.

But the marathon plays host to one big event which certain members take part in: Survivor. Following the formula of the CBS show, two teams compete in challenges. Instead of physical challenges like in the show, they use video game challenges, the losing team votes off members until there is only one survivor left from either team, making them the winner. The two teams for this year’s competition was Team Pillars of Salt, and Team Zorro.

Dante Hernandez, a sociology student and avid gamer, was a part of Team Zorro and played a part in helping his team survive from round to round and keep them from going to the chopping block.

Dante has been a gamer for as long as he can remember. He remembers that he has been playing games since he was two years old. Games have been an important part of his life as he has used it as a form of bonding with his family and overall just a fun little activity to do to relax and enjoy.

Dante did not win the competition, but he did last five hours into it. This is his journey through the marathon and survivor.

Dante's Favorite games

Dante has been playing games for most of his life. He has grown accustom to certain games and gaming consoles during that time. Find out what his favorite consoles are and his top five games.