A Horse Rider’s Dream

Story posted November 5, 2014 in News by Megan Swiatkowski & Kelli Boyle

STATE COLLEGE, PA – Starting riding horses when she was 10, Eliza Gretok, 17, now trains the horses that most people find too difficult to work with. To her, those horses are the diamonds in the rough. Diablo is one of those horses she is training these days. As a former Grand Prix horse, Diablo competed in the highest level of jumpers, but his riders often thought him to be too rough around the edges. Gretok can calm him down and trains him in order to reveal his sweet character that she describes as “a big, dumb, puppy-like football player.” Looking forward, Gretok is interested in attending Randolph College in “horse country” Virginia -- a.k.a. Lynchburg. She hopes to attend Randolph and then defer enrollment for a year so that she can work on a farm to spend more time with horses. Gretok hopes to keep that job through college and then acquire her dream job of raising and training more young horses. (by COMM 465 Students - Megan Swiatkowski & Kelli Boyle)