A janitor, a student and a cartoonist

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An artist, determined to make a career out of his artistic talent, Ryan Lindberg always wanted to earn a college degree to better himself.

After studying for one year at Keystone College, one semester at New York University, and working many jobs later, Lindberg says he finally has it figured out.

Losing financial aid for a variety of reasons during his first two attempts, the 22-year-old discovered working at a university would be his ticket to a free education, and a chance to finish what he started. So he took a janitorial position at the University of Scranton, where he is responsible for the maintenance of the performing arts building; cleaning classrooms, offices, the theatre, and even bathrooms. The job allows him to earn money, benefits, and most importantly, a degree, without the hassle of paying tuition.

Even though the university lacks a high level art program, Lindberg says he has made the best of it. Now majoring in English, he believes the knowledge gained will be valuable in pursuing a career in writing, drawing, and producing comic books.

In the past year, Lindberg has purchased a copyright and trademark for his own comic book company, Prodigy Comics, and has begun creating multiple series. He says money is theQSBmZXcgb2YgdGhlIGNvbWljIGJvb2tzIExpbmRiZXJnIGhhcyBhbHJlYWR5IHByb2R1Y2VkLg== key obstacle for the expansion of his business. Over time he hopes to be able to employ multiple artists to create a larger number of comic books. This would allow his company to expand to where he would like it to be.

Lindberg has attended a number of comic book conventions in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, showing off his work as well as receiving tips and criticism from some of the best in the business.

Lindberg says that breaking into the business isn’t an easy task, and it may be years before he is recognized for his work, if ever. However, he believes having an English degree is a solid back-up plan, which will allow him to write for newspapers or teach if he decides to.

For a look at Ryan Lindberg’s work and a preview to his upcoming comic series, visit ProdigyComics.com

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