A look at some of Centre County’s surprising people

Story posted February 12, 2013 in News by Brittany Gehoski, Lindsay Lipovich, Jasmine Janifer and Iris Peters

Allison Craig, Danny Weinstien, Brian Cronauer and Molly Countermine look like typical Centre County residents. Two are students, one is a professor and one is a grandmother. But there's more to these four people than first meets the eye.


About the Contributors

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Lindsay Lipovich

2013 Graduate / Journalism, Visual Communication

I am a visual communication student, eager to make a difference in the world. My expertise is in social media, multimedia, marketing, public relations and travel. As a May 2013 Penn State Graduate, I have the knowledge and dedication needed to provide an innovative vision in many different fields.

I am passionate about photography and traveling, preferably simultaneously…

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Brittany Gehoski

2012 Graduate / Visual Journalism

Brittany Gehoski is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in visual journalism with a minor in costume design. She is interested in multimedia and aspires to become a photojournalist after graduation. She enjoys traveling and taking pictures and hopes to pursue a career in fashion.

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Iris Peters

2013 Graduate / Print Journalism

Iris is a senior majoring in print journalism.  She has had multiple internships that show her interests as a writer. She has interned with ESPN Radio of State College, covering football and basketball games for both Penn State and high schools in the area.  She also has worked with College Athletics Clips, a website that brings all collegiate sports news to college athletic directors and their staff around the country. As a assistant clips editor she wrote executive summaries and wrote her own opinion stories.  Iris plans on pursuing a career in sports journalism, but her interests do not end there. She wrote for Town and Gown Magazine where she covered topics from all sides of the spectrum including health and wellness stories, event stories and profile stories. She hopes to continue writing for magazines after graduating in the spring.

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Jasmine Janifer

Senior / Broadcast Journalism

I am currently a senior Broadcast Journalism major and Sociology minor at Penn State University. My main career focus is to work in the social media industry. I have taken communication courses at Penn State that have prepared and strengthened my skills in writing as well as broadcasting. I have participated on a showed called “The-U” with the PSU-TV club on campus during my junior year and I have written several fashion articles for an online blog called The Urban Revival.